Premium Norwegian Water Brand EIRA Opens its HQ in Dubai, UAE

Premium Norwegian Water Brand EIRA Opens its HQ in Dubai, UAE

(Dubai, 15 Aug 2022) -Premium Norwegian water brand EIRA solidifies its MENA market position by opening HQ in Dubai, UAE. Earlier this year, EIRA water was the Michelin Guide partner for its debut in Dubai as it is considered one of the industries most coveted brands.

The unveiling event which took place on Monday, 8 August 2022 at the new HQ office in Dubai started with a welcome speech by EIRA CEO Nils JørgenSehested. The opening ended with a ribbon cutting ceremony marking the HQ’s official opening with closing remarks from esteemed Minister Counsellor and Chargé d’affaires at the Embassy of Norway in UAE, Mr. Trond Glomnes Rudi.

During the opening speech by CEO Sehested, various objectives were discussed. EIRAdoubling the headcount of its operations team in addition to investing greatly in production and manufacturing capabilities to meet high market standards.  Moreover, to keep up with the steady industry demands, EIRA seeks to further expand around the globe including new territories in the United States, Europe, across the MENA region and Asia. Furthermore, planning to launch additional product lines and add new SKUs to current glass and PET range.

CEO Sehested added, “To further support EIRA’s international expansion, it is with great pleasure, to have been able  to cut the ribbon for our new HQ located in Dubai.  Not only is Dubai conveniently located between Europe, Asia and Africa, making air travel easier, it also gives our growing number of colleagues in the Middle East an ideal place to work from.”

The EIRA source is in Eresfjord, one of Norway’s vast Fjords. The water goes through many layers of quartz, which acts as a natural filter and does not pass any kind of soil or organic material. Therefore, reaching its source cold, pristine and pure. Low in minerals, the water is unfiltered and bottled straight from the source, making it one of the top drinking waters in the world.

Considered the selected water of choice for many luxury restaurants & hotels and MICHELIN Star chefs around the world for its purity and high-quality standards in the industry, EIRA is a prominent fixture at top F&B venues across the MENA region.

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