Athlete manifests remarkable recovery after surgery; Preps up for 300-km cycling event

He aims to be a part of a 300-km endurance cycling event in Novembersetting his personal best in terms of covered distance

Dubai: A twisted knee or a tear in the ligament. Nothing could stop Jayesh Makwana, a 38-year-old athlete based in Dubai. Two weeks after undergoing an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery, he has shown remarkable recovery and is preparing himself for a 300-km cycling event in November. 

Jayesh,who has been participating in cycling and running events for five years, suffered a severe injury hurting the ligament of his left knee about six months back. He twisted his knees accidentally while jogging. Though he tried to manage the pain with medication, it did not help. 

After fighting the pain for about six months, Jayesh consulted Dr. Amit Kumar Krishna, specialist orthopaedics at Aster Hospital, Mankhool. Upon evaluation, the doctor found his left knee ligament torn along with a bucket-handle tear of the medial meniscus. Jayesh required surgery to fix the issue. 

Motorbike accident

Jayesh met with a motorbike accident in 2003 in India during his college days and hurt his ligament. “The doctors told me to undergo surgery to fix the issue. But I did not do the surgery then. I could not engage in sporting events that demanded quick body reflexes. I playedgood cricket then but quit the game due to the injury,” recalled Jayesh. 

“After the 2003 incident, my lifestyle altered. I gained a lot of weight. I was about 150 kg. Then, in 2016, I decided to embrace an active lifestyle. That’s how I began running and cycling long distances. I cut down my weight and started participating in various events,” added Jayesh. 

Twisted the knee

About six months back, Jayesh was jogging as part of his regular exercise routine and accidentally twisted his knees. It hurt his ligament and meniscus badly. 

“I thought it was just a sprain and would be fine in a couple of days. But the pain remained persistent. It started affecting the quality of my life. That is when I decided to meet Dr. Amit Kumar Krishan at Aster Hospital, Mankhool,” said Jayesh. 

Remarkable recovery

Jayesh came up with pain in his knee joints. A detailed evaluation validated for an ACL surgery. “I explained to him his condition. There was a complete tear in his ligament and meniscus. Also, he has been enduring the condition for a very long time. The latest injury hurt the ligament badly. There was no other option,” said Dr. Amit. 

However, the doctor is amazed to see the pace of his recovery. “ACL reconstruction surgery is a major procedure. Successful surgeries would let athletes and sportspersons return to their sport with full flexibility. But it naturally takes some time. In Jayesh’s case, I am amazed to see his recovery,” added Dr. Amit. 

Aiming for BRM cycling event

With the progression in his rehabilitation, Jayesh is confident of returning to cycling in the BRM cycling event scheduled in November. He will be participating in the 300-km endurance cycling. Following this, he is looking forward to participating in the RAPHA 500-km cycling in December. 

“My physio is going well. Dr. Amit has told me that my condition is improving. If everything goes well, I will participate in the cycling events coming up from October onwards,” said Jayesh. 


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