Tania’s Teahouse New Menu 

Tania’s Teahouse New Menu – Our August Goals are “Nourish, to Flourish. Hope you have a tea-riffic week!

Tania’s Teahouse, the 7th most instagrammable cafe in the world has revamped their menu!  Creativi-tea is in our brands’ DNA and we’re always experimenting with new flavours, ingredients and pushing ourselves to the limit in terms of coming up with inclusive, flavourful offerings that are both beau-tea-ful for ‘the gram, good for our gut health, and delicious for our tummies.
Using only the finest of ingredients, we bake our breads in-house (and naturally dye them with our tea leaves) and prepare food a la minute (so that its fresh from our kitchen straight to your table rather than pre-made like many food establishments), and finally, we strive to be as sustainable as possible.

Many ingredients in teas and foods in general serve as adaptogens that help improve our gut health and immune system and  boost our mood, energy, and resilience. We demand a lot from our body and mind on a daily basis: whether it’s long hours at work, parenting, general life admin, and the overstimulation of social media. We lead busy lives and sometimes we can feel stuck in survival mode. What happens here? Our cortisol levels spike and we feel burnt out.

With the rise of autoimmune disorders and food intolerances, we need cafes and restaurants to be compassionate, and creative. By creating inclusive offerings that are both nourishing but innovative. Our founder @tanialodi’s aim is to show those suffering from dietary restrictions that we can still lead a full-flavoured life without depriving us of food that we don’t enjoy. Tania herself is battling an autoimmune disease and has many dietary restrictions, hence why Tania’s Teahouse was born, to inspire and support others.

(Tea) House Rules:

  1. As a homegrown cafe, everything is made fresh & in-house, let us know any dietary restrictions or allergies you have so we can best serve you! 


  1. As much as we encourage taking a few pictures for the ‘gram, don’t let your food go from hot to not.
  1. Kindness is key, we promise to serve you with love & positivi-tea, kindly return the gesture as we don’t allow any toxici-tea 😉
  1. We humbly operate with small batch production, to reduce food wastage and strive for sustainability- we apologise if we run out of any items due to a high influx of orders for any particular dish.
  1. *All items are prepared in our kitchen that handles gluten, therefore gluten-free items may not be celiac-friendly (however our founder Tania is celiac herself, so we take great care to ensure food safety).*We’re also fully peanut-free as our nutty founder Tania has a severe peanut allergy (sorry!).


Mindful Menu

Limited-Edition Unicorn Menu

Emotional Cabbage, Not Baggage / 37

A vegan delight containing our home made chickpea mix with carrots & zucchini wrapped in purple cabbage and served with our homemade tahini sauce (V, GF, DF)

Everything’s Gonna Brie Alright / 49

A summer’s delight containing brie cheese, figs, summer berries and balsamic vinegar served on sourdough, multigrain bread, or GF bread

Practice What You Peach / 57

Our signature summer tacos served with roasted chicken, peaches, oranges and our hand-dyed ombre wrap with tangy cilantro mayo sauce  (*GF option)

Rainbow Meringues /7

A playful fluffy, melt-in-your mouth meringues shaped as rainbows sandwiched between white chocolate ganache

Unicorn Cookie Pops / 7

Playful cookies dipped in chocolate and sprinkles 

Bottomless High Teas  / 199 for two

Early Bird High Tea


Sandwiches a choice of 3

Moz & Tomato | Beetroot Hummus | Avocado Hash | Blue Cheese & Figs | Chicken | Roasted Beef | Smoked Salmon

Layer 2:

Spinach Quiche | Turkey Ham Croissant | Omelette Croissant

Layer 3:

Vegan Brownie | Mini tarts; coffee, pastichio, lemon cheese cake 

Includes a side plate of scones with clotted cream and jam

Jumeirah Jane or James High Tea


Sandwiches a choice of 3 & Spinach Quiche

Moz & Tomato | Beetroot Hummus | Avocado Hash | Blue Cheese & Figs | Chicken | Roasted Beef | Smoked Salmon

Layer 2:

Mini Scones | Macarons | Mini Cakes 

Layer 3:

Mini tarts; coffee, pastichio, lemon cheese cake | Meringues 

*vegan and gluten-free options available upon pre-booking up to 48 hours in advance, email hello@taniasteahouse.com for any special requests


Add-Ons: Chicken 15 | Smoked Salmon + 19 | Turkey Ham +11 | Bread & Butter +11 | Free Range, Pasteurised Egg + 5 | Hash Browns +21 | GF Bread + 15 | Halloumi Cheese + 11

*our bread is baked fresh & in-house*

Eggs Ben-Addict / 51

Two poached eggs, turkey bacon, hollandaise sauce & caramelised onions served on homemade English muffins (naturally dyed with our tea leaves) garnished with fresh micro herbs and crispy onions (optional)

Eggs Royal-tea / 55

Two poached eggs, Atlantic smoked salmon & hollandaise sauce, served on homemade English muffins (naturally dyed with tea leaves) garnished with fresh micro herbs and crispy onions (optional)

Egg-actly How You Want / 39

Personalise your breakfast with either a classic omelette, fried eggs or poached eggs with your choice of sourdough, multigrain or gluten free bread (*GF & DF options)

Tania’s Brekkie / 57

Poached, fried eggs or scrambled eggs served with turkey bacon, sautéed mushrooms & broccoli and cherry tomatoes  with your choice of sourdough, multigrain or gluten free bread (*GF & DF options)

Havo You Tried Our Avo? / 45

Our signature avo toast that’ll make you go “holy guacamole”! Smashed avo served with your choice of sourdough, multigrain or gluten free bread (*GF & DF options). Poached egg + 5

Truffle Pesto Scrambled Eggs / 49

Creamy, truffle-infused scrambled eggs and homemade pesto sauce served with your choice of sourdough, multigrain or gluten free bread  (*GF & DF options)

Acai Goodness / 45

A summer delight made from frozen acai berries topped with bananas, wild berries and homemade granola (GF, DF) *contains nuts


Add-Ons: Chicken 15 | Smoked Salmon + 19 | Turkey Ham +11 | Chickpeas + 11 | Bread & Butter +11 | Free Range, Pasteurised Egg + 5 | Hash Browns +21 | GF Bread + 15 | Halloumi Cheese + 11

Select your dressing: 

Summer Citrus Dressing | Balsamic Dressing | Pesto Dressing 

Pocketful Of Sunshine / 49

A feel-good salad made of berries, spinach, avocado, feta & caramelised pecans, served with our house dressing (GF)

Fig-gin’ Peachy / 53

A refreshing medley of fresh figs and peaches, arugula, your choice of feta or blue cheese,  almonds, lightly tossed in our house dressing (GF)

Summer Romance / 51

A  summer’s delight containing avocados, grapefruit, mixed greens & cilantro leaves tossed in our summer dressing (GF, DF, V) 

Green Goddess / 47

A delicious mix of halloumi cheese, cucumber, cilantro leaves & baby arugula leaves, tossed with pesto dressing & garnished with black sesame seeds and pine nuts (GF)


(sliders, wraps & sandwiches)

Add-Ons: Chicken 15 | Smoked Salmon + 19 | Turkey Ham +11 | Chickpeas + 11 | GF Bread + 15 | Halloumi Cheese + 11

I Falafel-In Love / 50

our twist on the popular falafel, in our signature naturally-dyed lavender buns, accompanied by a choice of your side (V)

Chipotle Champ / 55

Homemade chicken patty with spicy chipotle sauce, cheese, arugula & fresh tomato in our pink slider buns 

Livin’ on The Veg / 51

wholesome veggie wrap with tahini, sauteed spinach, mushrooms, zucchini & sun-dried tomatoes (V, DF)

Vegan Chickpea Sandwich / 47

A plant-based sandwich with chickpea, tahini sauce, and celery served on vegan gluten-free bread (GF, V, DF)

So-fish-ticated Salmon / 55

Atlantic smoked salmon, zucchini, rocket leaves and cream cheese wrapped in our hand-dyed ombre wrap

Mi-steak-s Happen / 61

An artisanal sandwich with grilled flank steak, roasted figs, arugula leaves & chimichurri-balsamic reduction served on a choice of your bread garnished with sesame seeds (*GF option)

Comes with your choice of a side: 

Truffle wedges | Sweet potato fries | summer salad


I’m In Love With Salmon Else / 67

Atlantic salmon pan-seared to perfection served with cauliflower puree or mashed potato with zucchini and lemon butter sauce (GF)

Are You Chicken Me Out? / 61

Oven-roasted, locally sourced chicken breast served with broccoli, parmesan potatoes and mushroom sauce (GF) 

Note: Sides can be changed to our other side dishes if the guest wishes 


Add ons: Gluten-free pasta + 5 |  Chicken 15 | Smoked Salmon + 19 | Turkey Ham +11 

Save The Pesto For Lasto / 55

A delightful pasta containing homemade pesto, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese and sundried tomatoes 

Holy Ravioli / 57

A bright, rustic ravioli dish made from spinach and mascarpone cheese tossed in pomodoro sauce

Truffle-licious / 53

A light cream pasta containing sauteed foraged mushrooms tossed in our homemade creamy truffle sauce  


Truffle Wedges / 25

homemade crisp cut truffle wedges served with garlic mayo (GF)

Sweet Potato Fries / 25

our famous sweet potato fries (V) (GF) *option to add non-vegan garlic mayo

Bunny Platter / 25

A selection of healthy crudites consisting of baby radish, cucumbers, bell pepper, carrots served with avocado and vegan dip (GF, V, DF)


*ages 10 and below- sorry, grown-ups!

Let’s Avo-cuddle / 30

avocado hash with your choice of bread

Nothing Is Im-pasta-ble / 30

Gluten-free, or wheat pasta with your choice of tomato or cream sauce 

Mini Monster Sliders / 35

Homemade chicken patty with cheddar cheese and rocket lettuce served in our pink slider buns accompanied by a choice of your side


Signature Sugar Cookies / 15

Our signature sugar cookies with icing that come in cute designs

Unicorn Cheesecake / 39

our signature pastel-hued cheesecake that would give pantone a run for their money!

Sugar Free Biscuit / 5

Guilt-free biscuit free of sugar, perfect for dipping into your latte!

Scones / 39

three classic english scones with jam & clotted cream

Be Calm Brownie / 33

our adaptogen plant-based brownie infused with ashwagandha root (a natural mood enhancer) (V)

Mon Cherie, Macarons  / 8

classic French macarons with exciting flavours of the month (GF)

Mering-aroons / 7

Macaron meets meringue, sandwiched in white chocolate ganache (GF)

Oat Of This World Cookies / 11

Full of flavour, our soft and chewy oatmeal cookies are reminiscent of good ol’ American style granny’s cookies (V, GF) 

Tart(y) to the Party / 37

Pick from our gluten-free tart flavours of the day

Naked Cakes / 35

Chocolate & berry compote, vanilla with lemon curd and meringue, or red velvet with lavender

Frozen Wild Berry Yoghurt Cups / 21

Sweet and creamy frozen yoghurt swirled together with wild berry compote topped off with white chocolate and home-made granola (GF)

Paleo double chocolate cookie / 22

Guilt-free chocolate chip cookie that is sugar-free and paleo  (GF, DF) 

Paleo brownie bite / 22

Guilty free, fudgy brownie bite that is sugar-free and paleo  (GF, DF) 

Flourless Chocolate Cake / 39

Fluffy chocolate cake (GF)

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