Eurovets Introduces Energy Efficient and Sustainable Solution for the Middle East’s Cold Chain Industry

Eurovets Introduces Energy Efficient and Sustainable Solution for the Middle East’s Cold Chain Industry

The innovative solution aims to provide a cost-effective solution with near ZERO EMISSIONS, no external power source and with guaranteed stable temperature to the last mile

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, August 2022:The Cold Chain industry consumesa great deal of energy, particularly forrefrigeration. Industry reports state that thecold chain industry accounts for 15% of worldwide electricity production. In an effort to minimise energy wastage and boost operational performance, Eurovetsa leading distributor of veterinary products / services has collaborated with Vakava Technologies, experts in the fields of cold chain.

The partnership will permit Eurovetsto provide sustainable cold chain solutions, which can be used acrossveterinary grocery, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals or any other business that require a cooling solutionwhile transporting products.

The two companies have partnered to develop and integrate scalable solutions to maintain cold chain integrity and traceability through all phases of the distribution process. Unlike other cold chain suppliers, the cool units from Vakava Technologies can be delivered at stable, correct temperatures and without any external power source.

Some of the key benefits of using Vakava solutions offeredby Eurovetsinclude –

Workflow Optimization and Cost Reduction –Vakava Solutions use special PCM cooling with custom insulation and air circulation methods. They are equipped with temperature sensors and embedded with GSM or Bluetooth trackers that enable you to receive timely data.

As it provides real time data analysis, it is easier for businesses to alter energy use based on their needs. This not only helps reduce cost but also helps optimize the work process, vaccines, medicines, foods, ice cream and so much more can be kept at optimal temperature.

ImprovedSurpluses – Vakava Solutions can be opened and closed multiple times during transit, while always holding stable temperature. Moreover, the units can be transported on any vehicle shape or size and doesn’t need refrigerated vehicles.Additionally, users can modify energy management during rate hikes, or switch to lesser power usage during specificextreme weather conditions.

ReducedCarbon Footprint – Vakava Solutions understand the impact cold chain industry brings to the environment. As such its solutions are automated, temperature-controlled, with nearly ZERO EMISSIONS and avoid large upfront capital costs while drastically lowering operating labour and maintenance costs.

Eurovets’ collaboration with Vakava Technologies is an effort to bring to the Middle East a portable technology that can be installed on delivery bikes or kept inside vans / cars. With the cool units, businesses don’t have to keep the car running for the box to maintain the temperature. This is super-efficient, considering high fuel prices are surging. The new solution will help businesses save energy and costs, as well as guarantee an unbreakable cold chain with their innovative, sustainable technology.


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