Try the Gold Baklava Cheesecake on World Cheesecake Day on 30th July

Underrated for sure, 30th July is World Cheesecake Day! Bosporus Turkish Restaurant has launched the ultimate Dubai cheesecake flavour – a gold crusted baklava cheesecake!

Bringing the best of both desserts, the creamy cheesecake flecked with Middle Eastern palate is encapsulated in the most stunning of crusts: the flaky, syrup drenched baklava. Layers of buttery phyllo and crunchy nuts make for the perfect contracts to the tangy, creamy cheesecake filling. Let’s not get started on the traditional baklava syrup on top that hones all that sweet goodness and the heavenly texture of this decadent dessert.Priced at AED 135 available at all branches of Bosporus (IG: @thebosporus)

The region’s most loved Turkish restaurant, Bosporus has been delighting food lovers since 2008. Bosporus’ food wrapped around the real taste of Turkish cuisine is well-known in the market for its generous breakfasts, grills, steaks, appetizers, and wide range of mouthwatering desserts. Main dishes include Sac, Testyi Kebabs, Mixed grills, Hummus, and Bosporus salad.For reservations, call 04 3 8080 90

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