Introducing Keyper: A Homegrown UAE Startup Committed To Digitizing Real Estate Investment Management

Introducing Keyper: A Homegrown UAE Startup Committed To Digitizing Real Estate Investment Management

Keyper, a digital platform set to redefine how investors and property owners manage their real estate portfolio in Dubai, has officially been launched. Using technology and experience, the startup brings the real estate market into the future, tackling common pain points that have, thus far, been ignored. Keyper streamlines the property management process while gaining data-driven insights.

Now represented by Spread Communications, the startup is all set to elevate the UAE’s real estate portfolio management experience by ensuring a seamless service for investors and property owners, allowing them to monitor their digital payments, rent renewals, occupancy rates, live portfolio valuation, cash flow and expense reports, while also maintaining a digital document library, requests, and statuses – all with the click of a button.

The elimination of any superfluous processes is a core pillar of the brand; hence, repetitive duties that once made up a substantial amount of a property manager’s day is now automated through the Keyper platform. Keyper also provides a flat-fee property management service and operates a real estate investment management platform, allowing all real estate stakeholders to easily access key information. 

With this blend of technology, data and experienced relationship managers, landlords can enjoy a streamlined process through transparency and 360° communication. Focusing on digitizing the property management space into one cohesive eco-space. Keyper has developed a mobile application that allows real estate investors to check their property portfolio the same way one would check their stocks.

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