CSD begins field visits to Sharjah beaches marking the launch ofthe first phase of ‘Their Safety First’ campaign

CSD begins field visits to Sharjah beaches marking the launch ofthe first phase of ‘Their Safety First’ campaign

Beach field visits are part of Child Safety Department’s comprehensive year-round child-safety awareness campaign

Sharjah, July 06, 2022

The Child Safety Department (CSD), an affiliate of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, has begunfield visits to thebeaches in Sharjah, as part of its first phase of its comprehensive campaign themed, ‘Their Safety First’; which comprisesan array of year-long specialised awareness programmes aimed at protecting children in a broad range of situations and environments. The campaign reflects CSD’s efforts to educate community members onessential safety measures that ensuresthe protection and safety of their childrenfrom risks or dangers throughout the year.

The initial phase of the campaign, launched in the presence of Hanadi Al Yafei, Director of CSD, featured field visits to several beaches in the emirate of Sharjah, which witnesses a high footfall during summer. The field visits aim to educated beachgoers on the safetypractices and essential skills required to protect their children from drowning, sunburn, andother summer and beach-related incidents. During the beach field visits, the CSD teamdistributedgiveaways that featured several entertaining beach toys, as well as awareness leafletshighlighting the prevalence and risk factors of drowning, emergency contact numbers,  and how to keep young swimmers of all ages safe. The campaign will continue until August 31, 2022.

CSD organised the first field visit yesterday (Tuesday) to Sharjah Corniche Beach, located next toSharjah Ladies Club; campaign organisers, volunteers, and representatives of the campaign’s partners, namely the Sharjah Civil Defence (SCD), Sharjah Police (SP), Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority (SPSA), Districts and Villages Affairs Department (DVAD), Sharjah Broadcasting Authority (SBA) and Health Promotion Department (HPD); gathered at the CSD booth tailored specifically for “Their Safety First” Campaign.

Meetings with senior government officials representing child safety entities and campaign partners were held to emphasise the leading role of the campaign in raising awareness among families and children on recognising unsafe behaviours andenforcing necessary swimming safety measures to reduce accidents.They outlined the positive impact the campaignhas on the community; and ensures that beachgoers can enjoy water activities safely and anticipate awareness before the child encounters an accident.

CSD aims to cover a majority of beaches across the emirate as part of its field visits. The campaign management team will be visiting beaches that have a high turnout of beachgoers including Al Hamriyah, Al Khan, Khorfakkan, and Dibba Al Hisn.

During thefirst field visit, the CSD’s team met with families, parents, and children, and discussed some of the most important safety practices to be observed while at the beach, including the importance of having a first-aid kit. The team also distributed awareness booklets and gifts to raise awareness amongst the visitors on the most common accidents that occur while visitin the beaches during summer.


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1-3 during the beach visits

4 CSD logo

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