‘Secrets of the Cave’ Movie in Theatres Soon

‘Secrets of the Cave’ Movie in Theatres Soon

Calling all animation fans, the breathtakinganimation movie ‘Secrets of the Cave’ premieres in cinemas across the GCC and the Arab world on the 7th of July, 2022. The movie is a joint production between Baby Clay Broadcasting and Media Production and Union Media in cooperation with MBC Group; this is one of many previous successful collaborations between Baby Clay, Union Media, and MBC Group, the Saudi media pioneer who recently expressed its interest in supporting global kids productions, under universal standards. The movie is available in two languages, Arabic and English. Written by Hanan Kanaan and directed by Enas Yacoub.

Enas Yacoub – the movie Director, shared a creative note about the movie, she said: “The movie casts the light on the knowledge of gemstones and the rare precious stone that are laying to be found in the earth, and through the adventures of the main six movie characters in realms of fantasy, we learn and explore the places most popular with honing gemstones, we get to know their value, benefits, therapeutic usages and their significant importance in our lives, all in a light-hearted story, differentiated from the conventional direct educational method.”

Enas adds, “This movie is one of the hardest productions with a special structure that attracts the child, as it contains riddles, enigmas, ideas, insights and visual appeal which grabs the audience’s attention and casts a sense of amazement. I am a positive person by nature; I enjoy finding the good and the positively insightful between the lines of my work, as I truly believe that confidence is born of wisdom; therefore, this movie contributes to the ‘how’ of relying on one’s self, and making confidence the cornerstone of any action, nevertheless, with rationale thinking beside it. I wish for this movie the success it deserves amongst the audience and to find its place as close as possible to the children’s minds and hearts. Plus, the support and trust of MBC Group made us take a huge leap in the cinema industry through their interest in kids-centered content creation, out of their belief that kids should have dedicated content that is rich with knowledge, creativity, and amazement in a structured and processed methodology, to cater to the daily children needs on the intellectual aspect.”

Baby Clay Broadcasting and Media Production focuses on producing kids-focused content under universal standards, relying on the element of creative captivation in its productions, noting that such productions are receiving global recognition due to their high-end production level. The attraction elements in cartoon production are more hidden and felt than seen and experienced; these elements are solely known to the movie creators, as they all share an aligned global vision allowing them to reach every home.

In short, this unprecedented movie delivers a message of knowledge towards gemstones, with their scientific facts, the history, and legacy they hold, their secrets and benefits, alongside noble morals such as courage, sacrifice, loyalty, perseverance, and determination with every adventure.

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