Fashion designer MarwaGhassan: I love fashion and I love innovation

Fashion designer MarwaGhassan: I love fashion and I love innovation

Since her early childhood, fashion designer MarwaGhassan loved the world of fashion and learned a lot in this field, as she refined her talent by studying and learning to become today one of the most famous fashion designers in the UAE and the Arab countries.

In this context, the designer says: “I love fashion and I love innovation and change, and this is the role of fashion makers to come up with everything new. I adhere to what suits my designs that are woven by hand embroidery, taking into account what suits my client Arab women and their privacy.”

The designer, MarwaGhassan, wants to design for many celebrities, artists, and every person who has an influence in the Arab community, and for every elegant girl who cares about the distinctive pieces of her dress.

And about her latest innovations, the designer says: She presented fashions with open sleeves and embroidered dresses in many colors that allow free space for more than one look, as well as Gulf abayas and attractive colors.

And she adds about her follow-up to international fashion: I always like to follow major shows of international fashion houses, and Valentino shoes attract my attention, as I love all Chanel bags. Absolutely, I am very drawn to baggy coats with a simple dress underneath, or to a tight shirt with a flow skirt.

The designer advises the girl looking for elegance to stay true to herself, follow the fashion that suits her only, and be smart in choosing the colors that go with her skin and know how to match them with her shoes and bag. The more she wears what suits her, the more self-confidence will be, and the more positive it will be reflected on her, the more elegance, femininity and beauty will increase her.

And about the world of social media, Marwa says: I consider social media sites an important thing because you can take the time of any viewer or follower without permission and draw him to your world that you want to share in it.It’s played an important role in my popularity and helped me see just how fascinated my customers were.

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