Eid Gift Guide: Ajmal Perfumes

Eid Gift Guide: Ajmal Perfumes

The Musk Silk Supreme- The Musk Silk Supreme collection is an ongoing statement of class for perfume connoisseurs. Ajmal’s brand new EDP focuses on core oriental ingredients, is a luxurious fragrance that combines the classic notes of lily of the valley with the warm undertones of amber musk. Each distinct fragrance embodies luxury, warmth, and elegance, ensuring its distinguishing value for fragrance connoisseurs. Each scent exudes mystery and long-lasting appeal. Musk Silk Supreme is a sensual floral blend with the most exquisite and distinct Amber trace.

Each fragrance is packaged intrinsically to reflect the fusion of nature, simplicity, and Oriental ingredients combined in one bottle.

Price: AED 105 + VAT for a 50 ml bottle

Available in-store and online: www.shop.ajmalperfume.com across the GCC

Evoke Midnight- It’s named Evoke Midnight for a reason. It’s a perfume as different from others as night is from day. The aura begins with the bottle itself. With each act of opening, you get closer and closer to the mesmerizing aroma that engulfs you in its fragrant embrace.

Each note is crafted to perfection and placed carefully in the hierarchy of sensations: Citrusy Fruity at the top with mandarin and raspberry. A heart worth its weight in gold that’s Floral Spicy with violet flower, cardamom, and saffron. All set on a Woody Musky base with patchouli, musk and tonka.

Price: AED 125 +VAT for a 90 ml bottle

Available in-store and online: www.shop.ajmalperfume.com across the GCC.

Dahn Al Oud Qadeem- A timeless classic in the Ajmal range of the finest oriental fragrances, Dahn Al Oudh Qadeem is now available for consumers to relish this opulent essence in a spray form. Crafted specifically for Connoisseurs of regal fragrances on the perpetual hunt for rare and intricate blends that are ethereal yet rooted in tradition. Dahn Al Oudh, the pure oil extract of matured Indian agarwood trees and Hindi Oud, is the most coveted oriental perfume, highly sought after for its complex scent that unravels over several hours, imparting a lasting fragrance, and add a traditional touch. Dahn Al Oudh Qadeem is all about being grounded to tradition and the nobility in wearing the finest of fragrances the east has to offer.

This exquisite fragrance comes in a glass bottle and is housed in a black box with intricate gold foiling depicting the color of Indian agarwood and Hindi Oud.

Price: AED 315 + VAT for a 30 ml bottle

Available in-store and online: www.shop.ajmalperfume.com across the GCC

Amir Two- Ajmal Perfumes’ ‘Amir’ collection is an exclusive scent created with three keywords in mind: sophistication, luxury, and uniqueness. Amir Two is a luxuriously enigmatic and addictive fragrance that reflects the brand’s mastery of time-honored oriental perfumery traditions. Each drop of Amir Two’s sublime essence is a work of art in the world of Oriental perfumery with a touch of Ajmal Oudh. The fragrance’s top notes begin with opulent Floral and Spicy hues of Rose, Geranium, Nutmeg, Ginger, and Pepper. Ambery, woody tones of Amber, Cypriol, Patchouli, and Cashmere Wood resonate at the perfume’s heart. And its base is classic Ajmal Perfumes Oriental, with Balsamic, Musky, and Oudhy nuances of Gurjun Balsam, Incense, Musk, and Oudh.

Price: AED 630 + vat for a 50 ml bottle

Available in-store and online: www.shop.ajmalperfume.com across the GCC.

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