Jawhara Jewellery  participates in the Jewels of Emirates show

Jawhara Jewellery  participates in the Jewels of Emirates show

Jawhara jewelleryis participating in“Jewels of Emirates show”, which started yesterday (June 30) at the Expo Center Sharjahin the presence of H.E Abdallah Sultan Al Owais.

Under a campaign name of “Jawhara Jewellery Bride”, Jawhara jewellery, the leading Emirati brand in the world of jewellery starts the first day of the exhibition by presenting the finest and latest collections for weddings.

A group of influencers and media professionals visited the Jawhara JewelleryBooth, and made a coverage of the new Jawhara diamond and gold jewellery collections for the wedding season.

On this occasion, Muhammad Tamjid Abdullah, Deputy CEO of Jawhara Jewellery, said: “We are pleased to be present at the Jewels of Emirates show, an exhibition that includes a selection of the leading Emirati jewellery brands.

We presented Jawhara jewellery booth with a modern display platform that mimics our spread stores throughout the Emirates, in which we displayed the finest jewellery collections for engagement and wedding occasions under the name “Jawhara Jewellery Bride”

Among the main collections offered by Jawhara Jewellery in the Exhibition are the wedding and occasion collections, such as the Ghanaty:a Diamond wedding Sets collection and the Dibla collectionthat includes diamond engagement rings, in addition to an exclusive set of pearl sets from Dana collection.

Ghanaty collectionincluded a set of natural diamonds studded on white gold with designs that capture the heart of every bride at the first sight.

In addition to Dibla collection that includes a wide range of engagement rings from a single rings crafted from white gold and studded with natural diamonds to the twin diamond rings that indicate the eternal bond of love.

Coming to the Exclusivity , Jawhara presented an exclusive designs in this show from the Danah collection.

Collection that present astonishing designs of pearls and gold and distinguished by its varied designs and sizes that capture hearts, including what is classic and what is modern to suit all looks.

You can visit the Jawhara Jewellery booth at the Jewels of Emirates show in Sharjah Expo from June 30 to July 3 to learn about its distinctive collections and designs.

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