Take a trip around the world this summer at the House of Wisdom!

Take a trip around the world this summer at the House of Wisdom!

For four weeks each in July and August, children aged 5 – 12, will broaden their awareness and knowledge of 16 cultures from across six continents

Sharjah, June 30, 2022

Childrenaged 5 – 12, can now embark on a fascinating round-the-world adventure with passports and boarding tickets in hand at the House of Wisdom this summer with a packed itinerary of memorable hands-on experiencesas they delve into the customs, language, food, geography, flora and fauna, and landmarks of 16 chosen destinations.

Distinctive educational experience

The Little Reader, a dedicated space for reading and learning for children at the House of Wisdom, is gearing up tohost the‘2022 Summer Camp: A Trip Around the World’ to ignite young minds with a vibrant mix of storytelling sessions, workshops, and travel excursions around the globe during the upcoming summer break.

For four weeks each in July and August at The Little Reader, young explorers will familiarise themselves with the cultures and geography of nations as diverse as the UAE, Japan, Jordan, India, China, and the Philippines – representing Asia; Morocco, Botswana (Africa); France, Greece (Europe); the USA, Canada, Costa Rica (North America); Brazil and Peru (South America); and Australia.

Targeting children in the age group 5-12, the distinctive educational experience celebrates cultural diversity and fosters an appreciation for unique traditions and practices from around the globe.

Exciting array of activities

From learning to make a ‘Dream catcher’, listening to artists play the Rababa, an ancient Jordanian musical instrument orFrance’s popular musical accordion, to taking an exclusive tour of the American Museum of Natural History, creating mosaic patterns on Moroccan tiles, Indian rangoli designs in sand, and learning about Brazil’s Capoeira dance traditions, the summer camp offers an enriching experience for young participants.

Every ‘Little Traveller’ will be taken on a deep and immersive dive into the distinctive traditions of global cultures with DIY souvenirs, colouring postcards, travel luggage, memorable travel photos, and stamping of passports, amongst others. Participants will cover four destinations each week and will receive a certificate of completion after acquiring all 16 stamps following their ‘visits’ to the scheduled countries.

Collaborating with the House of Wisdom in this novel educational camp arethe American Museum of Natural History, Apple;The Green Planet Dubai; Dumye, makers of handmade dolls; and Kalimat Foundation, a UAE-based global non-profit. 

Held on weekdays from Monday to Thursday, the July session runs from July 4 to July 28 while in August it is scheduled from August 1 – 25.

To confirm your seat on this thrilling adventure across the world, or to know more, please visithttps://discovershurooq.ae/d/House-Of-WisdomOr House of Wisdoms official Instagram account @sharjahhow.


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2-5 Archived pictures of HoW summer camp 2021

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