Jedox Announces Partnership with Microsoft to Elevate Extended Planning for the Office of Finance

Jedox Announces Partnership with Microsoft to Elevate Extended Planning for the Office of Finance

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 2022: Jedox, an award-winning provider of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions for Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), announced today a transformative partnership for Microsoft customers looking to accelerate collaborative planning and harness the power of enterprise data.

Designed for a workforce accustomed to Microsoft Excel, Jedox is the EPM platform that enables the most accurate, rapid planning cycle using data from across the Microsoft environment to extend and enhance planning insights.

Built to provide flexible planning with seamless Microsoft integration, Jedox facilitates collaborative planning by bringing together finance, sales, marketing, HR and other business functions to build a plan that supports the ambition of the business.

“The Jedox and Microsoft partnership enables businesses to leverage the power in their existing Microsoft stack to create rapid, accurate plans and make decisions with confidence. Jedox was specifically designed to enable effective collaboration, improving the quality of the plan and ensuring it reflects and adapts to the way your business moves, quickly improving business performance,” says Florian Winterstein, CEO of Jedox.

Jedox facilitates rapid planning within your current Microsoft environment by maximizing, not replacing, your investments in Microsoft technologies, allowing any data source to contribute to a more accurate plan. Combined with native integrations from a best-in-class Excel add-in, Dynamics 365 Connector, and turnkey integration with Power BI, businesses benefit from instant, real-time planning using the data that matters.

“Jedox brings agility and collaboration to the planning process by leveraging Microsoft technologies to deploy and connect our EPM platform. We are very proud to announce this collaboration with Microsoft to support businesses of all sectors and sizes to anticipate their markets and outperform their plan,” added Andrew Bale, Global Strategic Partnerships Leader at Jedox.

Learn more about how Jedox and Microsoft elevates extended planning here.


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