Likee Launches New Challenge to Celebrate the Launch of itel VISION 3 Series Smartphone

Likee Launches New Challenge to Celebrate the Launch of itel VISION 3 Series Smartphone

Dubai-UAE: 31 May 2022 – Likee, one of the MENA region’s leading short-video sharing platforms, has launched a hashtag challenge with itel, a global leading smart life brand committed to providing affordable and good-quality consumer electronic products boasting excellent user experience, for the launch of the itel VISION 3 Series smartphone. The #FastChargeWithitel challenge encourages users to play a mini-game that was designed to creatively highlight the smartphone’s fast charging capabilities in a unique and interactive way.

Once Likers enter the challenge, a bowl that follows the movement of the user’s head appears just below their face and a countdown timer starts. Food items would then fall from the top of the screen and the user must use their head movement to position the bowl under the item and catch it before it reaches the bottom of the screen. A battery icon is visible at the bottom right side of the screen and gets charged every time an item is caught. The overall objective of the challenge is to fill the battery in the shortest amount of time.

Battery life is imperative to having an enjoyable smartphone experience – regardless if you are speaking, browsing the web, watching videos and more. itel’s VISION 3 Series smartphone is equipped with a 5000mAh battery and an 18W fast charging ability designed to power the needs of any user and compliment their unique lifestyle.

“We are proud to work with itel to support their efforts with the launch of their all new itel VISION 3 Series,” said a spokesperson from Likee. “The challenge is a great way for users to enjoy their experience on Likee and learn about the all-new itel VISION 3 Series. Our users enjoy these challenges and look forward to not only engage with them, but to learn about new opportunities that could potentially benefit them in the long run. We have had significant success with all our collaborations in the past and look forward to the same with itel.”

“The significant traffic on Likee and short video platforms in general will help us tap into the right audience for the itel VISION 3 Series,” said Harry Guo, General Manager of itel Middle East, “In-app exposure through the challenge with customized effects and brand elements powered by the cutting-edge technology of Likee is powerful enough to create content that is relevant to itel in terms of helping us meeting our strategic goals and objectives.”

 Users have already tried the new feature and showcased their own creativity and individuality. In fact, among those that have already participated in #FastChargeWithitel include Likee stars دارك, Janagh25, and حمزة حباتي.

Each user utilized their strengths and content style to make their video stand out. حمزة حباتي started his video by providing some clear context for the challenge, explaining that it was made for itel’s launch of their VISION 3 Series smartphone, and completed it full of charisma. دارك took the challenge and committed to finishing with quickness and style. Janagh25 encouraged her viewers to try the challenge to win exciting prizes and finished it with her characteristic charm. Likers hopping on #FastChargeWithitel should feel encouraged to get creative in their presentation to have the best chances of winning.

With attention spans getting shorter, we’re easily more distracted than ever. Retaining attention and drawing people to content still remains a challenge. Likee demonstrates a unique method to achieve this by providing tools for development and growth to guide brands such as itel in their pursuit of success. It also offers a variety of innovative features that continue to evolve to ensure that brands have the opportunity to interact with their target demographic in an engaging manner whilst appealing to a larger audience.


About Likee

Likee is the world’s leading global short video creation platform with video capture and editing tools equipped with sophisticated special effects. With around 150 million unique monthly users worldwide, our goal is to enable people to create unforgettable moments that help them to exploit their creativity in front of a global community, while generating real and meaningful connections. With a reach of 200 million monthly users worldwide, the app was ranked first in the “Top 10 Breakout Apps” series according to the App Annie’s report in 2019, as well as the fourth most downloaded application worldwide in January 2020. Likee was released in 2017 by BIGO Technology Pte.Ltd, one of the fastest growing internet companies in the world, focusing on the development of different Artificial Intelligence applications such as Bigo Live and imo.

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