Mado – A Turkish Feast for Food Lovers

Mado (@madouae) is a Turkish restaurant chain with over 300 branches around the world, and over 8 branches in the UAE, the most well-known branch being in Jumeirah 3. With the goal of only serving the real taste of Turkish home-style cuisine, the restaurant rose to fame by imprinting its brand on the mind of food lovers, with its decadent Turkish desserts and ice creams. Today, they serve the best home-style Turkish bites and are known for their baked goodies and desserts, unlike any other Turkish eatery in the region. 

An extraordinary Turkish breakfast experience!

Authentic Turkish breakfast creates a symphony of flavors. Turkish tea, cheese, eggs, fresh vegetables, and fruit like tomatoes, and cucumbers, to name just a few items that make Turkish breakfast unique from other breakfasts around the world. The variety of dishes and the unique method of serving this breakfast is unmatched.

Mado’s Saray Breakfast menu consists of authentic Turkish dishes like Labneh, Feta, Herbal and kashlaval cheese, Potato wedges, Sigara borek, avocado, Veg plate, strawberry jam, begetable mujver, hummus, Nutella, foul mudammas, butter, honey, kaymak, fruits, eggs with halloumi, menemen, assorted pide, breadbasket.

The Saray Breakfast is priced at AED 175 and is a great spread to share with 2 – 4 people. Served every day of the week until 2 pm.

Branches: Jumeirah 3 branch, Dubai Mall, Bluewaters branches

Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah and RAK branch

For reservations in Dubai, call 04 388 2588

Turkish Desserts you can’t say no to!

When classic literature talks about Turkish desserts as the ultimate reward, you know it has got to be a country that does possibly the best desserts. Apart from Turkish delight aka Lokum (Yes, better than the ones in Narnia!), Mado Restaurant and Café serves up a storm of authentic Turkish desserts. Whether it is subtle sweetness or something for more refined sweet connoisseur, authentic desserts like Baklava, Kunefe, and an array of Turkish ice cream flavors are sure to hit the spot.

– Baklava tray for two includes: Honey Borek, Pistachio sobiet, special baklava, walnut baklava, mix fruits, roasted pistachios with honey syrup and Vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce

– Ice cream sultan’s ferry includes A citrusy orange flavored ice cream, with added scoops of lemon and tutti-frutti ice cream served alongside seasonal fruits, cornet sorbet pieces and topped with rich chocolate.

– Cheesecake date includes Philadelphia cream cheese, dates paste, honey, butter & eggs.

Be careful, the goodies are so enticing that they will have no trouble taking you far away from your diet! The average price for dessert for two pax is starting at AED 50 only.

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