CARS24’s mega refurbishment lab in Dubai delivers 1500 cars with international quality standards

CARS24’s mega refurbishment lab in Dubai delivers 1500 cars with international quality standards

Company’s 1 million sq. ft facility is one of the largest refurbishment labs in the country and has the capacity to roll out close to 20,000 cars each year

Dubai, UAE,  May 17th, 2022: CARS24, the leading online platform for pre-owned vehicles, has already rolled out close to 1500 plus cars as per the international quality standards. The company adopts a stringent 150 point check and each aspect of the car is reviewed with the minutest details prior to listing the car on its platform.  This mega refurbishment lab (MRL) in UAE now has the capacity to roll out close to 20000+ cars in a year. This facility at Jebel Ali has 70 bays and 5 high-end Italian paint booths.

“Our company doesn’t leave any stone unturned to deliver the best version of the car to our end consumers. Right from the time we procure the car till the time it reaches our customers, our vehicles go through stringent quality and safety checks at our lab and each individual team is responsible for their share of quality control parameters. Our objective is to present the consumer with a car which is in as good as new condition. This is our commitment to our customers and we have invested heavily in this facility to ensure that when a car rolls out of our MRL it is 100% ready for the roads,” stated Abhinav Gupta, CEO, Gulf Region for CARS24.

This leased 1,000,000 sq.ft facility with a total contract value in excess of AED 40 million, is one of Dubai’s largest-ever leasing deals on record. In addition to the UAE, CARS24 has 12 other major Mega Refurbishment Labs spread across the globe including markets such as India, Australia and Thailand.

“The refurbishment process is also standardized and optimized by CARS24 by using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. By eliminating subjectivity, the refurbishment process becomes more efficient and effective. Furthermore, the cars on our platform undergo the stringent RTA test before they are listed online. All cars purchased from CARS24 come with a 7-day return policy and a 2-year warranty,” added Abhinav.

Consumers can choose from close to 1500 cars on the company’s ecommerce portal based on their budget. These cars range from sedans to SUVs to high end luxury cars.

“On the other hand, in addition to our state-of-the-art MRL, we wanted to integrate our industry-specific AI-based APP to support the growing population of tech-savvy customers in the UAE. We are also taking efforts to educate all sections of the society to migrate and adopt the latest technology and be part of this new world of technology. Our APP has captured all the necessary parameters that the consumers look for whilst buying or selling their cars.  Our team has meticulously planned and navigated the app to ensure its ease of use and most importantly help consumers make informed decisions fairly instantly. The entire history of the car is uploaded on the APP including the car’s detailed inspection report,” concluded Abhinav.

In December last year, the company raised AED75 million in local debt funding from Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD), one of the leading banks in the UAE. This debt facility further strengthens CARS24’s commitment to the UAE market and provides significant funding flexibility and room to grow its inventory. In September 2021, CARS24 announced that it would be investing another AED 367 million in the UAE and other GCC countries to further expand its presence.  

With a company value of close to US$3.3 billion, CARS24 is revolutionizing the way pre-owned cars are bought in the UAE. Since the launch of its operations in the UAE in May last year, CARS24 has sold close to 6000 plus cars and 100% of these transactions were conducted online.



Founded in 2015, CARS24 is the leading global e-commerce platform for pre-owned vehicles with a robust presence in India, the Middle East, Australia and Southeast Asia. With a consumer first approach, CARS24’s mission is to transform the used car industry by taking the entire journey of searching, buying, selling, and financing online. Leveraging the latest technology advances, CARS24 has set up multiple state-of-the-art Mega Refurbishment Labs; creating new industry benchmarks for high quality used cars.

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