Nadine Chammas-A Story of a Dreamy Woman Living a Story of Love

Nadine ChammasA Story of a Dreamy Woman Living a Story of Love

May 10, 2022

The Lebanese artist, Nadine Chammas, launches a new song this season under the title of “What is Happening” – Shou Yili Am Basir” – which is trending successfully on social media and YouTube.

“Shou Yili Am Basir” is a special song that was written by Nadine Shammas, composed by Serge Bekhaazi, arranged by Mustafa Matar. The same was mixed and mastered by Karno and released via a Lyric Video, which was filmed in cooperation with the 25 Hour hotel in Dubai.

The song simulates the story of a dreamy and enamored woman who lives in a unique state of love and lives with the eagerness to meet her love. Nadine considers this song as a message for every woman and person; who need to listen to their inner soul, talk to themselves, live the negativity and positivity of the situation and most importantly, delving into love in all its details.

It is reported that Nadine Shammas had released a few months ago the song “Live the Moment”, which garnered more than half a million views on YouTube, and about 2 million listeners on the Anghami application.

You can now listen to the song by clicking on the link below:

Youtube: 325k views till date

Anghami: 20k views till date


Nadine Shammas is a Lebanese artist who had set herself on the positive path in her private and artistic life, as well as in her profession, where she practiced for years as a consultant in the field of positive change, before opening her own institution, The LifeDirector, for personal development consulting. The institution specializes in designing positive lifestyle programs for individuals, companies and schools. The same concept was then taken to Lebanon under the name of “Transform”.

Through her work, she directs and trains many actors, presenters and singers so they can achieve the best in their career and performance. She also uses drama therapy to help children and adults overcome their fears, enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as discovering their potential and refining their talents.

Her passion for art began when she was 16. Nadine received a degree in acting and directing from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture at the Lebanese University; and started her singing career in Lebanon. She is a Theta therapy educator and an expert in NLP techniques; holding a license to train in hypnotherapy. She held this license to train and practice the same on stage in Las Vegas in the United States of America; where she presented her first hypnosis comedy show in Las Vegas.

Together with her two sisters, she opened the first production company for children’s musicals. Since then, she has written, directed and produced more than 250 plays that were shown at Dubai Summer Surprises and Dubai Shopping Festivals, in Muscat, Qatar, Jordan and Lebanon.

Nadine was selected as the main head  rep for the Chair of Creative Women to empower women in Business in the United Arab Emirates.

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