May is here, and with its green shoots and sense of rebirth, comes a renewed focus on emeralds, the fitting birthstone of May. Twenty times more rare than colourless diamonds and credited with everything from curing snakebites to easing childbirth, emeralds have always had an aura of healing about them.

Gemfields has been mining emeralds since 2008, when it acquired the Kagem mine in Zambia in partnership with the local government. Zambian emeralds are amongst the world’s most sought-after as they are known for their extraordinarily deep colour and represent some of the largest and most exceptional emeralds ever found.

Without doubt, the greatest joy in owning an emerald is deciding how to style it. An emerald can take centre stage, juxtaposed against a gold band, when worn as a ring, as with Fabergé’s featuring Gemfields Cosmic Curve ring from the Colours of Love collection.

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