Inspired by the UAE’s spirit of giving, IFZA Cares launches Ramadan Initiative

Inspired by the UAE’s spirit of giving, IFZA Cares launches Ramadan Initiative

Dubai, UAE, April 27, 2022: With the holy month of Ramadan underway, the spirit of helping people of our community has been more lively than ever with the launch of different types of socially focused campaigns. 

Embracing the spirit of giving, demonstrated by the UAE Leadership, such as the One Billion Meals campaign, IFZA Cares – the new CSR department of IFZA, a Dubai-based Free Zone ecosystem – announces its contribution to the community with “The Joy of Giving”.

“IFZA Cares was born out of our desire to contribute to the greater humanitarian focus of the leadership of the UAE. Through IFZA Cares, we give opportunities for our people to make a positive impact beyond business under the pillars of the Community, the Environment, and the Economy,” said IFZA Chairman Martin G. Pedersen.

The Joy of Giving initiative is a two-pronged campaign that aims to donate Iftar meals and distribute them to labor camps and social welfare centers in Dubai. The Ramadan initiative has been launched internally, where IFZA has donated meals on behalf of each employee, and in turn employees have made personal contributions of meals and their time. Additionally, for each IFZA Business License application made during the period, IFZA Cares will donate Iftar boxes in the name of the IFZA Professional Partner. 

Furthermore, members of the IFZA community will be given the opportunity to volunteer in the preparation and distribution of the Iftar boxes, thus creating a full circle of involvement. To date, IFZA partners and staff have volunteered over 2500 man hours to provide thousands of meals that were delivered to 5 camps across Dubai. 

Katherine Afonso, IFZA Head of Corporate Social Responsibility said, “We are excited to announce the Ramadan support drive in collaboration with the IFZA staff and Professional Partners in a season when goodness abounds. This initiative is inspired by many of the groundbreaking initiatives that the visionary leadership of the UAE has launched during this season. This, in turn, inspired the leadership team at IFZA to show that we are a community committed to do more than ‘just doing business’. In the same manner that we have been inspired, we hope that by inviting people to become personally involved in the process, we have inspired them to experience the special joy that comes from giving, and to continue to be agents of goodness, both individually and collectively.”

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