Top Performing Regional Ramadan Podcast Al Rasool (الرسول)   

Top Performing Regional Ramadan Podcast Al Rasool (الرسول)                            

Surpasses 150K Downloads In Just 3 Episodes 

Launched as a Ramadan special by Rising Giants Network (RGN), Al Rasool (الرسول) an Arabic narrative podcast retelling the widely known story of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), has officially closed over 150,000 downloads in the first week as it launched its first three episodes. Marked as one of the biggest podcast launches in MENA, this has truly cemented the cultural shift towards podcasting in the region.

The show has become one of the Top 3 Most Listened Podcasts in MENA within its debut week, with a large portion of listeners accessing it via Apple Podcasts and Anghami. Additionally, it has received hundreds of 5 star reviews and critical acclaim.

Al Rasool (الرسول) delves into Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) trials and tribulations as a human, son, husband, prophet, and leader. It showcases the whole story of the Prophet’s (PBUH) life and journey, before and throughout prophethood, the message, and the hardships he encountered, with a focus on historically authenticated tellings of his knowledge, teachings, and leadership.

The show is composed of ten episodes, aired throughout Ramadan and targeted towards an Arabic speaking audience. Al Rasool (الرسول) presents the narrative in an immersive manner using audio design, comparable to how the legendary film ‘The Message’ did through cinema. Original acapella tunes, sans musical instruments, have also been specifically composed for the show.

Sharing his vision for RGN, Co- Founder and CEO Basel Anabtawi said “In recent times, podcast culture has seen a major shift. People are not just listening while on commute or during downtime but in fact, these shows are now sought after and have a large audience base that demand quality content. Through Al Rasool (الرسول), we introduced a unique storytelling approach that drew thousands of people into the realm of podcasting. We hope to maintain this momentum and continue to cater to the ever-growing podcast user base. RGN is committed to producing high-quality podcasts with compelling storylines and unrivalled audio experiences.”

With five episodes yet to be released during Ramadan, Al Rasool (الرسول) is available on all major platforms including Apple, Spotify, Deezer and Anghami.

About Rising Giants Network:

Rising Giants Network is a story-telling company that is focused on scripting, producing, and building the world’s most immersive podcast experiences. Our stories are crafted from the ground-up to capture the imagination of our listeners and transport them into the world’s they choose to jump into.

We work with a wide range of talented story tellers who have the passion, experience, and in-depth knowledge to cover the stories that we choose to tell.

Spanning across a wide variety of subjects, we deliver relevant content and stories that engage a large group of audiences across the MENA Region & beyond.

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