Ramadan Together – Tryano Ramadan & Eid Campaigns 2022

Ramadan Together

An unrivalled multicultural hub that celebrates togetherness all year round, the UAE homes a myriad of backgrounds, making it one of the most renowned melting pots around the world. As the month of Ramadan approaches, boasting the spirit of unity and community, cities and retail landmarks across the UAE prepare to host a variety of entertaining festivities and events, inviting people from all cultures to come together and celebrate. 

As community events attract families and friends to mingle over a mélange of activities and comfort food, this Ramadan, Tryano engages in a campaign honoring the UAE’s purpose of building a sense of belonging and togetherness, by featuring remarkable fashion statements, and magnetizing the community through charming fashion stories brought to life online and in store. From curated events, grand collaborations, and elegant traditional statements, to alluring beauty offers, and creative gifting ideas, Tryano is the ultimate community destination.

A unique concept department store, showcasing extraordinary experiences through exclusive international fashion, and beauty collections, Tryano presents lavish brands and dazzling designs this season, where it will be highlighting and celebrating Ramadan through fascinating selections on display.

As traditional lights and installations adorn the country, and the month’s calendar fills up with celebrations, Tryano will greet its community by adding exciting elements to every gathering. Top-quality brands include elegant, carefully constructed Carolina Herera statements, that will be highlighted in the Exclusive Tryano capsule, for the Ramadan season. Traditional gatherings will light up with the blend of glamor, heritage and subtle beauty of the finest designs.

TOUCHLESS– unique 3D printed fashion statements, portrayed as sustainable, recyclable handbags will be on display this season. The local Bahraini brand emphasizes versatility, functionality and elegance, with signature pieces that are bound to compliment every fashion look at gatherings.

Featuring another Bahrain-born luxury brand, Tryano introduces Bayanah this season to showcase handmade statements that symbolize local heritage. The brand highlights the theme of giving back through traditional designs like kaftans, accessories and intricately embroidered handbags.

Another exclusive brand featured this season is NICOLI. Predominantly popular for the Swarovski diamante’ embellished shoes, their unmatched luxury designs are timeless and glamorous. Offering an exclusively curated collection at Tryano, Nicoli’s range of aesthetically crafted shoes and exquisite line of bags and clutches are the perfect addition to the Ramadan gatherings.

Tryano’s committed to offering uniqueness to every family member, and for the modern sophisticated man this season, it showcases leather masterpieces by the trendy Al Batar. The exclusive luxury sandals are classic must-haves, produced in Italy’s elitist factories while staying true to the UAE’s heritage. Modern, masculine and fashionable, Al Batar is basic this Ramadan.

One of the special in store activations this Ramadan is Maska. The ultimate, transformative gift-wrapping experience. An artistic endeavor on its own, this fascinating skill has been adapted from the traditional Japanese Furoshiki cloth to the exquisite Middle Eastern fabrics that are modern and are bound to redefine the concept of gift-wrapping this festive season. Afterall, it is the month of gathering, gifting loved ones and giving back to the community, and no statement would say it better than a remarkably wrapped gift.

Composing an exclusive splendid range of experiences and fashion statements, Tryano invites you to savor the modest, the traditional and the modern selections that are reminiscent of wonderful gatherings. This Ramadan season, Tryano’s purpose will be to bring us together again, after years of longing.

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