A Dubai restaurant is giving away FREE iftar for underprivileged and needy people.

A Dubai restaurant is giving away FREE iftar for underprivileged and needy people.

Karachi Grill, a casual dining restaurant of Dubai located at Jumeirah is giving away free Iftar boxes to underprivileged and needy people, everyday during Ramadan. The box contains mix-fruits, dates, samosa, iftar snacks and water.

Date: Dubai, UAE, April 06 2022

Ramadan is here and what better reason to donate to charity! While Dubai residents are doing their bit, Karachi Grill, a casual dining restaurant has travelled an extra mile, and is distributing free Iftar meals.

Karachi Grill, has become one of the rare certified and distinguished Premium Casual dining restaurants of Dubai, which offers Fusion Pakistani & Indian flavours with soothing ambiance and subtle aromas that fill up the environment, while keeping the same traditional concept of value for money to the guest’s, who rely heavily on good taste and experience at pocket friendly restaurants.

Mr. Ayaz Farook, Founder & Chairman said: “During Ramadan, Muslims practice good habits and participate in more charity activities as part of worship to become closer to Allah. One of the charity activities Muslims do is distributing Ramadan meals to Muslims in need. We have decided to provide a box with Iftar pleasantries free of cost for underprivileged and needy people so that every body gets a meal. Our motive is No body should go hungry.”

Meanwhile, if you are a fan of Pakistani cuisine and indian flavours, then there’s no better place than the Karachi Grill, located at Jumeirah, Dubai.


About Karachi Grill

Karachi Grill was founded by Mr. Ayaz Farook in the year 2015. It’s first branch sets its door opened to the public in Jan 2017, since then Karachi Grill has embarked upon its journey in the category of premium casual dining in Dubai.

Mr. Ayaz Farook, Founder & Chairman, Karachi Grill restaurant is the only son of late Mr. Muhammad Farook (who founded Karachi Darbar Group in 1973). Mr. Ayaz drew all his inspirations from his father as a role model, He went under rigorous training and advisory under the authority of his father before holding the reign of Karachi Darbar Group as a Partner & Managing Director for consecutive 23 long years (1996-2018).

Mr. Ayaz Farook is very well-known personality in the field of hospitality industry in the region. It was natural for him to think of diversifying and introducing a diverse culinary brand “KARACHI GRILL” for taking guests through a tasteful journey filled with heritage and culture.


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