HUR workshop encourages women to prioritize self-care……

HUR workshop encourages women to prioritize self-care

Experts share advice on female health and wellbeing

5 April 2022, Dubai, UAE: Experts in various fields of women’s health have shared their advice on promoting physical and mental wellbeing at a workshop hosted by exercise technology firm, HUR. The event was organized to help showcase the importance of self-care and brought together women from different backgrounds and age groups to hear from specialists in psychology, physiotherapy, exercise, and holistic healing.

Opening the session was Noha Kadora-Haddad, founder of NK Holistic Wellbeing, a firm specializing in the management of mental health and related issues. Noha spoke about the connection between mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing and the importance of identifying and understanding the root cause of any distress. She also shared insights into the holistic approaches that can be used to promote good health and personal fulfilment, from techniques in breathing, meditation and yoga, to exercise, diet and nutrition.

Tackling issues around postnatal care were Jocelyn Kope and Gemma Ovens. Jocelyn, a physiotherapist specializing in scar treatment and abdominals, spoke about the relationship between C-section scars and secondary problems that could impact a mother’s health long after giving birth. She also offered advice on how women can better acknowledge, accept and help to heal scars after surgery. 

Postnatal exercise expert, Gemma Ovens, went on to talk about how to promote fitness and good health before and after childbirth. She shared her own personal experiences of ab separation and discussed the importance of personalized self-development routines to support both physical and emotional rehabilitation.  

The final speaker was psychologist, Ilona Novitskaya, who specializes in healing through hypnotherapy techniques. Ilona talked about the relationship between mind and body and the importance of self-awareness and focus in maintaining a positive attitude and good physical health.

Speaking about the motivation behind the event, Mats Manderbacka  

Chairman of the Board and CEO of HUR said, “As an exercise solutions provider, we know how important it is to take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. HUR equipment is widely used to support the prevention and rehabilitation of a range of conditions that are specific to women’s health, particularly during pregnancy and after childbirth. From insulin intolerance, incontinence and joint pain to issues surrounding post-partum depression, evidence-based training programs are an important part of the recovery process.

“Our aim with this workshop was to raise awareness of some of the health issues that women might encounter, and to share practical solutions to help them manage and treat these conditions. We also hope that the expert insights provided across a range of wellbeing disciplines will encourage and empower the participants to prioritize self-care in the future.”


About HUR

HUR is a specialized computerized exercise solutions provider. Established in 1989 at the University of Helsinki, Finland, the company develops and manufactures intelligent training equipment and solutions for evidence-based exercise and rehabilitation. HUR is the world-leading provider of smart training equipment, with over 15000 installations across five continents.

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