Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital Accredited by Joint Commission International ( JCI)

In less than two years: Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital Accredited by Joint Commission International ( JCI)

Dubai; United Arab Emirates –2  April , 2022 In less than two years since its launch in Dubai, Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital Dubai recently obtained official accreditation from the Joint Commission International in Health Care Quality (JCI). This accreditation is granted to healthcare institutions that apply a group Global standard for quality improvement and the quality of health care.

This achievement is in line with the continuous efforts of the UAE government to position the country as the number one destination for medical tourism. The Clemenceau Medical Center was distinguished by applying a standard criterion to obtaining this accreditation.

CMC was 99.5% compliant with the 285 standard requirements of the 1160 Measurable elements set by JCI Reaccreditation.

The JCI accreditation was awarded to Clemenceau medical center after a rigorous onsite evaluation by an international surveyor team of healthcare experts in March this year. The surveyors spent four days interviewing staff and hospital leaders on policies and procedures. They also conducted an extensive assessment of healthcare, nursing, and medical standards, in addition to conducting an assessment of each department separately. The hospital building and its various facilities were subject to this assessment, as well as the equipment used and the services provided, with a focus on certain aspects, including patient safety and rights, procedures in place within the hospital, standards for preventing infections caused by surgical procedures, and credentials of medical staff and nursing staff. and standards for the use of medicines. In their evaluation, the experts followed an approach that tracks the stages a patient goes through, from hospital admission to discharge, and includes careful examination of patient records and interviews with the responsible medical staff.

Dr. Mounes Kalaawi, Chairman of Clemenceau Medicine International and CEO of Clemenceau Medical Center Hospitals Group, commented: “It is a matter of pride that Clemenceau Medical Center Dubai is accredited by the Joint Commission International in Healthcare Quality (JCI). This certificate is conclusive evidence of the leadership and excellence that characterizes the center through its application of all international standards and its adoption of the principles of quality, excellence, and sophistication. Today, this accreditation comes as a culmination of our achievements and an encouragement for us to move forward in our quest to continue the legacy we have achieved over twenty years of diligent work to provide the best in healthcare in the Arab world and beyond.”

He added: “We are proud of the standards of excellence and leadership adopted by Clemenceau Center Hospital Dubai, providing an integrated set of high-quality healthcare services in implementation of the vision of the United Arab Emirates to be at the forefront in providing healthcare of the highest international standards for citizens and residents, and a leading destination in medical treatment and medical tourism for all countries in the region.”

About Clemenceau Medical Center hospital in Dubai

Clemenceau Medical Center hospital in Dubai is a new generation of cutting-edge hospitals anchored in Dubai Healthcare City – Phase II and part of Clemenceau Medicine International (CMI), an award-winning network of state-of-the-art hospitals and medical centers in the Middle East. The hospital builds on technological advancements, innovative treatments and superior medical expertise across a wide range of specialties to deliver patient-first healthcare excellence and elevate industry standards locally, regionally and globally.

Committed to Care, Safety and Excellence, CMC Hospital Dubai has established several Centers of Excellence in various specialties including the Heart and Hypertension Units, the Eye Unit, the Cancer Unit and the Robotic Center for Excellence, among many others. The 100-bed hospital aims to offer patients privileged access to ground breaking treatments in a premium, 5-star environment where safety, comfort, convenience, sophistication, compassion and high medical ethics come together to go beyond traditional healthcare and transform lives, one patient at a time.

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