Rasasi Presents a Delectable Perfume Palette for Ramadan

Rasasi Presents a Delectable Perfume Palette for Ramadan

Just in time for the Holy Month, homegrown perfume brand Rasasi will be highlighting a range of traditional scents to welcome your near and dear ones

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Rasasi Perfumes, a homegrown perfume brand known to be a pioneer within the fragrance industry is curating a customised gift box and a wide range of products from perfumes to home fragrances, oils, bukhoor and oudh moattar especially for Ramadan. The brand is specially curating a delectable range of natural essences and incenses to cater to the high demand of such products during this holy month. As Ramadan signifies month-long congregational prayers and frequent family gatherings,   demand for personal and home scents generally goes high, with a particular spike for natural products.

Embrace Ramadan with Rasasi, a four-decade legacy of blending exquisite scents that pays homage to Middle Eastern cultures. Rasasi’s extensive range of enchanting Oudh is available both in-store and online – share your gratitude by giving your loved ones an unforgettable gift – and express the sentiment and value by treating yourself to a luxurious, aromatic treasure.

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