Help Protect Your Data this World Backup Day

Help Protect Your Data this World Backup Day

Be prepared against data loss and data theft, March 31st is the day to back up and better protect your data

With the number of digital screens increasing in families, the demand for reliable storage and easy backups grows as well. Keeping precious files organized and safely backed up shouldn’t be a hassle, it should be easy to store important files properly. Considering 21% of people have never made a backup and 29% of data loss cases are caused by accident, users need to protect their data through smart backup practices.[i] This World Backup Day, Western Digital is offering solutions that offer an easy way to help people back up with varied options to suit storage needs.

Keeping your precious files organized and safely backed up

An easy way to ensure files are backed up is to work with an automated system that can complete scheduled backup updates on files instantly, working continuously behind the scenes. Additionally, consumers need a backup solution that comes equipped with password-enabled hardware encryption to provide that extra layer of security. Of course, there are also various capacities of home storage solutions to fit individual backup needs. Nowadays our life is mobile and so are our devices, so finding storage solutions that suit our lifestyle is key to ensuring backup practices can be implemented effectively. You don’t have to know any of the technical details to become a boss of the backup because Western Digital makes backing up your work simple — so you can focus on living.

With a new, stylish design that fits in the palm of your hand, the WD My PassportTM drive from WD® offers space to store, organize, and share your photos, videos, music, and documents. Perfectly paired with backup software and password protection (Windows® only), the My Passport drive helps keep your digital life’s contents safe. It is available in capacities from 1TB to 5TB* based on your need, as well as a choice of blue, white, red, and black colors. Mac users do not miss out either with the WD My Passport for Mac.  Perfectly paired with backup software and password protection, the My Passport for Mac drive helps keep files safe and your life driving forward.

For those who are have larger files and require more content demand next-level performance – the WD My Passport™ SSD is the ideal companion. Delivering read speeds of up to 1050MB/s2 and write speeds of up to 1000MB/s2, and capacities of up to 4TB1 so users can access their digital world anytime, anywhere. Included backup software makes it easy to enable simple back up of high-capacity files to a drive or cloud service account.

Mobile Storage Solutions

With more people online than ever before, backups have become even more important. As smartphones have become an essential tool in our lives, it comes as no surprise that these devices are a prime target for criminals; leading to an increase in theft. In fact, 113 phones are lost or stolen every minute.[ii] If phones aren’t recovered and the data hasn’t been backed up, then every memory on that device is gone. Western Digital has a range of versatile and flexible mobile storage solutions to support the demands of today’s digital devices.

The SanDisk Ultra® Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C™ Flash Drive is equipped to easily move files for Andriod users between USB Type-C smartphone, tablets, and Mac computersolder Macs and other USB Type-A computers, freeing up valuable space. With up to 1TB* of storage, files can be moved quickly with up to 150MB/s** read speeds. It is also small enough to be hooked up to a keyring, so it is always with the user.

For Apple users, invest in the iXpand® Flash Drive Go from SanDisk®. Designed to be the perfect companion for their iPhone or iPad 2, the iXpand Go Flash Drive offers an easy way to free up space, automatically backs up the camera roll3, and even lets users watch popular-format videos straight from the drive. From there, you can transfer the files onto a Mac computer or PC or store them on the drive. Files are password protected, so the iXpand Go Flash Drive helps personal content remain private4. Available in sizes ranging from 64GB to 256GB* means there is an option for every requirement.

Access files from anywhere

With the latest security updates to keep content safe, the WD My Cloud makes accessing and sharing from anywhere easy. And with automatic photo and video backup to personal cloud storage, it helps reliably store irreplaceable moments so you can free up space on your tablet or smartphone. WD My Cloud also integrates with other cloud services, providing a centralized location for all content.

To learn more about the range of storage options available for Western Digital, please visit:

My Passport drive from WD

My Passport SSD from WD

My Passport for Mac from WD

SanDisk iXpand Go Flash Drive

SanDisk Ultra® Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C™ Flash Drive

SanDisk Extreme® Pro Portable SSD

My Cloud from WD

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