Dubai’s Niva Fashion House set to headline Dubai Fashion Week

Dubai’s Niva Fashion House set to headline Dubai Fashion Week

Dubai: Niva Fashion House, which was launched in COVID times, is set to make headlines as the Dubai-based company will conclude the grand finale of the Dubai Fashion Week – one of the most significant fashion events in the Middle East.

The Dubai Fashion Week is scheduled to take place from March 29 to 31, 2022, in Crown Plaza Dubai Marina, and the organizers have promised that the three-day event is poised to bring fashion, entertainment, and culture.

Niva Fashion House is known for its quality and unique designs in a short span of time, making them famous in the UAE market.

Sharing the vision of Niva Fashion House, its Chief Executive Officer Ahmed El Dakroury said, “I am proud to say that we are a ‘Made in UAE’ brand. Now, we are taking steps into the design itself as it started from a dream of making a difference, not just in the consumer’s life by providing them with a feeling of confidence with what they are wearing, on any occasion, but also in the lives of the least fortunate people.”

Up to three hours of runway shows will offer the audience a breath-taking display of the latest collections from the Middle East’s top fashion houses.

Ahmed El Dakroury added: “At the event, you will witness a casual collection as well as some experimental Haute Couture collection that is inspired by Royalty. Niva Fashion House, through custom tailoring, is taking the casual level to an eccentric level with some special touches of elegance but keeping it rugged nonetheless. There will be some pieces with a mixture of various techniques. Hand embroidery, asymmetrical, 3D extrusions, and much more. In this collection, the attendees will see the transitions between those styles. They will witness a runway collection of day-to-day uses while keeping the same concept. Some garments will have one technique while others will have a mixture of the techniques in one.”

Niva Fashion House is a contemporary online clothing brand known for trend-driven styles. Niva offers an array of styles that fit fashion-loving individuals, from workwear to women’s tops and blouses.

“Since our launch in late 2020, we have been committed to offering women quality wardrobe pieces to stand out,” he said.

As for the designs, the creative director of Niva expressed his unbridled creativity in the collection, infusing modern detailing such as massive bow, strategic cut-outs, and confidence boasting necklines. There are also heavy embellishments crafted out on blouses that are perfect for swanky events.

Each piece is created with a different story that defines and flatters the wearer. Think “head-turning maximum glamour”. Discover more about NIVA Fashion House by visiting


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