India Pavilion Elevate Startup Pitching Series in Top Gear

India Pavilion Elevate Startup Pitching Series in Top Gear

The pitching series recently hosted its 18th and 19th editions in Dubai

DUBAI, March 25, 2022: The startup pitching series, Elevate’, under the India Innovation Hub project of the India Pavilion, EXPO2020 Dubai, recently hosted its 18th and 19th editions. Founders and Cofounders of Indian startups across sectors including IT, Energy, IoT, Social Commerce, FMCG and Healthcare among others, presented their business ideas to global investors at the sessions. Elevate has showcased over 550 startups till date, enabling them to expand their businesses and explore collaborations for further growth.

The 18th edition hosted a special guest, Mr. Imbesat Ahmad, Founder and CEO, FILO, world’s first ‘Instant Live tutoring’ platform that connects students with top tutors in the country in less than 60 seconds. Filo consists of educators and engineers striving to solve the “understanding” problem for students.

Among the participating startups in the 18th session were, Pangun Technologies, a startup working towards transforming supply chain SMEs and make them compete with MNCs by incorporating cloud-based ERP solutions, Edubuk, a startup that guides youth to achieve career goals in sync with their passion, intelligence & interest type using its patent published model of AI driven Holistic Skilling Ecosystem on the Blockchain, Rail Crew, a solution that aims to provide better passenger services by training hostesses in its premium trains which include Vande Bharat, Gatimaan, and Tejas Express, Prolance Services, a B2B SaaS platform that automates the design to manufacturing process for interior design projects and enables a marketplace for material supply and cloud manufacturing and Responsible Whatr – Fabonest Food and Beverages Pvt Ltd., India’s first Natural Spring water beverage packaged in an endlessly and infinitely recyclable aluminium cans packaged from a virgin spring water source at Solan, Himachal Pradesh.

The 19th session showcased ideas such as Trillbit, a solution that makes it easy to set up and authenticate transactions on smart devices using its “data over sound” technology, Zero Energy Development (ZED), a startup that enables enterprises to harness the potential of next generation IoT applications and specializes in customizing solutions based on the clients needs in a seamless integration into existing systems, ByBuy, that is Building Smart calculator (hardware) and an app, that helps 30 million small shopkeepers in India record their income and expense in one-click and provides analytics, Skyislimit Technologies Pvt. Ltd, a 360° Complete Sales Suite solution through its prime product Salesfokuz, empower businesses to effectively manage leads, sales teams, and sales activities and enable them to make strategic business decisions based on real-time analytics.

Various renowned investors from the global community including Mr. Pankaj Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, Gulf Islamic Investments LLC, Ms. Arshi Ayub Mohamed Zaveri, CEO, Trust with Trade Group and Senior Advisor Royal Family Offices, UAE, Mr. Mahavir Kothari, Hon’ble Member of IIM Udaipur Incubation Centre, Mr. Sanjit Advani, Vice President Operations, Blossom Trading LLC, Mr. Advait Thakur, IoT, AI & Data Analytics – Solutions Expert, Orange Business Services and Mr. Sumit Puri, Co-Founder, Synergy Digital Solutions and Executive Director, Aura Data Tech.

‘Elevate’ series is a key initiative of the India Pavilion at EXPO2020 Dubai that aims to display unconventional solutions created by over 700 start-ups and is supported by HSBC. This global pitching series is providing start-ups with a unique opportunity to articulate their vision, gain knowledge about the global sectoral trends, network with fellow new-age entrepreneurs and attract potential B2B investors.

The next Elevate session will happen on 28th March 2022.

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