How Blockchain & NFT Backed Film Crowd Funding Platform MContent Are Empowering Eco-Conscious Content Creators……

Protecting Our Planet: How Blockchain & NFT Backed Film Crowd Funding Platform MContent Are Empowering Eco-Conscious Content Creators Across The Globe To Inspire Change

UAE – Dubai, March 2022:  On the occasion of the United Nations Oceans Fortnight at Dubai World Expo 2020 today the world’s first tokenised content ecosystem, MContent, announces a partnership with the Better World Fund. Teaming up to empower content creators around the globe to shine a spotlight on pressing global issues. In light of this alignment, bringing two innovative brands and their shared values together MContent announce an open call to content creators globally – funding up to $200,000 per project for eco creatives who are keen to create film about environmental issues.

Having launched earlier this year and recently announced major investment from  UAE-based Gargash Group, MContent is on a mission to revolutionise the global content landscape through crowd funding.  Already creating waves for their collaborative content ecosystem that self-funds & fuels the creation, trade, consumption and production of content around the world using the power of blockchain. Whilst theBetter World Fund, putting ‘cinematic art at the service of humanity’ is a Paris-based non-profit organisation using arts and cinema to raise awareness about creating a more sustainable future. Together, they become an NGO partnership of pure synergy with the power to reshape the way eco-conscious content is made and consumed on the international stage.    

From wider access to funding to increased screening opportunities for thousands of independent film, documentary, series and short film makers – particularly those using film as a platform to raise awareness on global issues, the partnership promises to open doors for all. Hoping to tap into an increasing number of content creators and eco-influencers who are actively campaigning on environmental issues from climate change to biodiversity but lack access to resources to create engaging and shareable content that is needed to inspire change.  

 MContent will provide access to its successful MSeed seeding fund to create further chances for budding eco creatives to thrive. Content creators can simply download the app, upload a three-minute elevator pitch of their project for in house judges to review, gaining potential access to life-changing funds at the click of a button. Awarding up to $200,000 dollars per project, MSeed has already kick-started 11 filmmaking projects covering various topics around the globe since its inception.

Better World Fund Events In Dubai – 25th – 26th March 2022

This month across a two-day event sponsored by MContent powered by  Gargash Group UAE residents will have a chance to attend a series of events looking to raise awareness around the protection of our planet. Taking place on March 25th as part of Oceans Fortnight at the France Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, The Better World Fund’s Mastermind and Academia For a Better World Innovation Conferences will take place including the chance to network with fellow visionaries. Uniting filmmakers, writers, scientists, environmentalists, activists and business leaders.

Taking place in conjunction with this event an exclusive premiere of the film Bigger Than Us will follow on 26th March at Infinity des Lumières in The Dubai Mall . Encapsulating the fight of Melati, the 18-year-old protagonist of the movie who takes action to tackle plastic pollution, freedom of expression, refugees’ and women’s rights, the hard-hitting film will be screened to a VIP audience of partners, press and celebrities. In addition, attendees will have access to an exclusive one-to-one Q&A with renowned Bigger Than Us Director, Flore Vasseur.

In line with the United Nations Sustainability Goals (SDGs), the two-day event aims to raise awareness on the immediate need to protect the world’s oceans and promote the blue economy. Manuel Collas de la Roche, President and Founder, Better World Fund. “There is a lot of talk about climate change but the time is now to put the spotlight on specific issues. Plastic pollution, the degradation of our land and food systems, and forest degradation are slow poisons that can ruin generations. It is time to act now, together and fast” .

Notes to Editors

About The Better World Fund

The Better World Endowment Fund is looking to change the world one step at a time with its series of films and documentaries from different countries to defend, promote and support all those actors and leaders committed to take action for a more sustainable future.  The Better World Fund future events include Cannes Film Festival May 24, Venice Film Festival in September, and Red Sea festival in Saudi Arabia slated for the end of 2022. The main theme for 2022 is ‘protection of our planet’ and it is being highlighted through different themes and events.

About MContent

Earlier in January 2022, the leading UAE conglomerate, Gargash Group, had announced a major investment in MContent, the world’s first tokenised content ecosystem that aims to revolutionise the global content landscape. Designed to convert content viewers into content owners, the first-of-its-kind platform enables crowd funding of film production and capital-intensive content creators using Cryptocurrency, NFTs. The platform has already funded 11 prominent film projects across 4 continents.

The native token of MContent is currently trading at a Market Cap of over $100 million on more than six centralised and decentralised exchanges & the platform plans to fund 100 global projects by the end of 2022.

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