Newest Géant Hypermarket Opens in Dubai Hills Mall

Newest Géant Hypermarket Opens in Dubai Hills Mall

From interactive digital refrigerator doors to personalized service delivered on the shop floor, an in-store café, and dedicated sections for added convenience, Géant Dubai Hills is all set to offer a more refined grocery shopping experience

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The largest Géant hypermarket in the region is now open at Dubai Hills Mall.

Conveniently located on the ground floor of the new mall, one escalator away from its own dedicated parking area in P1 M, Géant Dubai Hills is designed to offer a more refined shopping experience, whether you’re doing a major weekly shop or just a daily grocery run.

With its European open-air market look and feel, offering an abundance of choice and quality, thousands of organic options, restaurant-quality Food to Go and regular seasonal offers, not to mention numerous firsts for shoppers, Géant Dubai Hills is a best-in-class addition to the affluent neighbourhood in the vicinity.

From the freshest produce and choicest meats, an in-house bakery, an unrivalled organic, gluten free and vegan foods section, a French-inspired cheese section and one of the city’s largest collections of established global foods, grocery shopping at the mall’s flagship hypermarket is a real treat. 

Home delivery is also available via local delivery platforms and Géant’s highly reliable Your store to Your door service.

For added convenience, the shop floor in Géant Dubai Hills is divided into comprehensive sections, unlike what you’ll see conventionally in local hypermarkets. The laundry department, for example, not only has machines but you get the detergent to go with the wash. The baby and child section are so comprehensive that there is literally nothing you cannot get for your little darling from diaper genies to diapers, baby food to baby bath products.

Another first for the UAE, the hypermarket in Dubai Hills will also include the Maison Marguerite, Géant’s in-house café concept where shoppers can unwind with some coffee and conversation before or after they shop.

“We see it vital that customers look on us as a one stop shop replete with new options and experiences yet offering a select but also eclectic range of quality goods. From our themed departments to a dedicated candy section, clothing and electronics, kitchen gadgets and organic food items, each one has something different to offer,” said Mark Lack, CEO of Urban Foods.

“We promise a positive and dedicated in-store experience and are constantly fine tuning the on-floor priorities to make it even better. Our staff at Géant Dubai Hills will not sit behind the service counters in most cases but are interactive and on hand to suggest and advise according to the customer’s needs.  For this 12th Géant opening and keeping in mind the location and the discerning clientele that resides in the vicinity, we have designed the premises and sourced the products to reflect their lifestyle and needs.”

In a first for the city, Géant Dubai Hills will feature a unique technology that embeds digital screens in some of the refrigerator and freezer doors to create a new network of “smart” displays that will be used to depict the food and drink inside in their best light, but also act as an in-store billboard that can share information and special offers to shoppers.

Shoppers who visit in the next week can also participate in a super exciting competition where 100 free trolleys will be given away.


About Urban Foods

Urban Foods, a grocery and household retail supermarkets and hypermarkets company, operates the Géant brand in the UAE. The brand is a part Groupe Casino, a French retailing giant with a turnover in excess of 35 billion euros. Aimed at enhancing consumers’ shopping experience, Urban Foods is committed to launching personalized retail concepts adapted to the unique needs of communities in Dubai and across the UAE.

Urban Foods currently operates established brands such as Géant, Franprix and Géant Express, across communities in the UAE with stores measuring up to 10,000 square metres in size.

In 2022, they will also be opening Monoprix not to mention continuing the partnership with ADNOC to strategically place Géant Express stores within their portfolio of petrol forecourts.

Every retail store launched by Urban Foods promotes a positive and cohesive community lifestyle through the in-store shopping experience, while providing an engaging, convenient, and educational retail environment to various residential and commercial communities.

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