Princess Bee launches her first NFT dedicated to Dubai leaders

Princess Bee launches her first NFT dedicated to Dubai leaders

In occasion of the upcoming Dubai World Cup the Italian celebrity releases the NFT “Winners”, another tribute to the Dubai Ruler and His son. 

Dubai – Italian celebrity and Dubaian since 2002 Princess Bee (Benedetta Paravia) published her first NFT on Open Sea, the platform where you can buy and sell NFT to the world. The NFT has been created from an original picture shot by herself during The Royal Ascot 2016 at the Royal Enclosure Parade Ring. The beautiful image depicts the winning father Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum and his son Sheikh Hamdan while they are looking to the Queen Elisabeth. The image has been amazingly created by elaborating 30 Godolphin horses. 

“I love to attend the Royal Ascot and the Dubai World Cup. This year, since is the year of Expo, I have decided to transform one of the most beautiful picture I made of the Royal Highnesses to NFT to celebrate the occasion of the Dubai World Cup and the commitment of the Dubai’s leaders in making the year of Expo unforgettable for all of us, despite the challenges and the difficulties of this historical moment” – said Princess Bee. 

The NFT has been quoted 3M AED and in case of selling Princess Bee will use the amount to implement “The Intercultural Project”, an educational program she carries on since 2005 in benefit of the Zayed University students who are selected to attend special courses in Italy, visiting the astonishing UNESCO sites, the museums and meeting the Italian authorities, with the Patronage of the Embassy of Italy in the U.A.E. 

“The first sponsor of The Intercultural Project was H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum in person” – said Princess Bee – “for this reason and for the fact that I admire his visionary leadership I will always be grateful to the U.A.E.” – concluded the Dubai enthusiast, who last year received the recommendation letter for the Golden Visa by the Ministry of Culture. 

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