Encubay to host ‘Driving Diversity through Entrepreneurship’ -an exclusive event celebrating Women’s Month in partnership with in5

Encubay to host ‘Driving Diversity through Entrepreneurship’ -an exclusive event celebrating Women’s Month in partnership with in5

  • Founders, investors and start-up enthusiasts are all welcome to join the evening on Thursday, 17th March at In5 Tech located in Dubai Internet City from 5pm onwards

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, March 17th 2022: Encubay, a diversity-focused network that enables female founders to accelerate their business growth journey, is organizing an exclusive event in partnership with in5, an enabling platform for businesses in tech, media and design. The event is aimed at bringing together different stakeholders from the start-up ecosystem and engaging the entrepreneurial community in Dubai over an evening of knowledge exchange, business acceleration and networking.

Encubay is originally India based and its Dubai chapter (launched in November 2021) aims to create an inclusive diverse ecosystem of women entrepreneurs, industry experts, investors, corporates, and all the other key stakeholders of the start-up ecosystem; with the objective of leveling the playing field for female founders.

The event, ‘Driving Diversity through entrepreneurship’ will take place on 17th March from 5pm onwards at In5 Tech at Dubai Internet City, the region’s leading tech hub, and includes 3 expert panel discussions followed by Q&A rounds and networking.

Deeeksha Ahuja, Founder, Encubay said: “At Encubay, the vision has always been to create a level playing field for female founders and make the ecosystem more diverse and accessible. The upcoming event is an epitome of how we are bringing in different stakeholders – founders, corporates, experts, investors – under one forum and platform. And we are excited about jointly organizing this event with in5.”

On behalf of in5, Majed Al Suwaidi, Managing Director of Dubai Media City, said: “Empowering the region’s start-up community by enhancing their visibility and access to partnerships is at the cornerstone of in5’s founding principles. It is why we are delighted to support Encubay in hosting this thought-provoking event, as it makes up a valuable part of our ecosystem and reflects our ambition to enhance opportunities for female entrepreneurship and deliver a more inclusive start-up community. One-fourth of the businesses supported by in5 have women at the helm and it is essential that we continue cultivating the landscape for female innovators and creatives grow, experiment and inspire while contributing equally to writing Dubai’s rich entrepreneurial story.”

Stressing on the importance of providing an inclusive start-up environment to ensure growth and bolster economic development, Regional Growth Partner, Encubay, Anishkaa Gehani said, “In line with the UAE leadership’s directives of increasing women’s participation in the economic sectors, Encubay continues its efforts to promote women-led businesses by supporting their growth and vision. We are glad to be commemorating women’s month and collaborating with In5, Dubai to organise this event.”

Attendees can register themselves for the event using the Registration Link. The panels will discuss the following themes – 

  1. Founder Vision and Personal Branding
  2. Fast Tracking Growth with Corporate Alliances
  3. How to approach and prepare for fundraising

The panel members include:

  • Samar Alshorafa, Founding CEO of She is Arab
  • Punam Verma, Host & Producer at Dubai Eye Radio
  • Haifa Addas, Founder & CEO Instaglam.co
  • Anishkaa Gehani, Founding CEO at Yardstick Marketing Management
  • Vandana Bhalla, Marketing & Digital Head – Titan & Tanishq International Markets
  • Avneet Kohli, Vision & Communication Coach & Encubay MENA Growth Partner
  • Deeksha Ahuja, Founder at Encubay
  • Remya R. Nair, Key Account Manager, MEA at Zoho
  • Tonia Lecentina, Business Development Manager at Zoho
  • Shabnam Sahiwala, Director and Deputy Head of Legal, MENA & Turkey at Credit Suisse
  • Diana Wilde, Co-founder Aurora 50
  • Reema Mahajan, Founder of Largest Women Community – Indian Women in Dubai
  • Amit Grover, Founding CEO of Grover Impact Ventures
  • Sophie Smith, Founding CEO of Nabta Health
  • Jorhie Alban, Head/Director of Communications for Greater Gulf MCO at Sanofi
  • Saroj S. Pathak, Specialist-Government Sales, ex Senior General Manager VFS Global Dubai
  • Shameema Parveen, Co-Chair at TiE Women, Founding CEO of Edutech

Registration link – https://bit.ly/encubaydubai

About Encubay Dubai: While Encubay has just launched its Dubai chapter, the network already includes local and global partners including in5, Zoho, Tanishq, Wasta.ai, The Dialogue Now, Grover & Company, Startup Grind, TheCapitalNet, Ready Set Jet, LexStart, Encubay Angel Network, Yardstick Marketing Management, Strong-her Capital and Indian Women in Dubai.

The Encubay Dubai team includes Deeksha Ahuja, Founder at Encubay, Avneet Kohli, Vision & Communication Coach and Founder iOpener Project, Anishkaa Gehani, Founder & CEO at Yardstick Marketing Management, Saroj Shayinee Pathak, Specialist-Government Sales, ex-Senior General Manager VFS Global, Dubai and Amit Grover, Founder and CEO at Grover Impact Ventures.

For more information, please visit – www.encubay.com

About Encubay: A diversity-focused global network that aims at creating a sustainable, diverse, and inclusive ecosystem to foster the growth of startups glocally. Encubay brings together women entrepreneurs, industry experts, investors, corporates, and all the other key stakeholders of the start-up ecosystem.

With the potential to enable growth and drive diversity, we solve for the lack of women in the startup ecosystem and create a level playing field for all startups. We believe the more women-founded/co-founded startups scale up and raise capital, the more women will be inspired to take up entrepreneurship and expand their ventures.

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/encubay/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/encubay_/

Website – https://www.encubay.com

Email – hello@encubay.com

About in5:in5 is an enabling platform for entrepreneurs and start-ups, offering five key benefits through its robust start-up framework, creative spaces and specialised industry centres, training and mentorship programmes, community-wide networking events and access to investors. in5 nurtures ideas and businesses to their next phase of growth.

Launched in 2013 to support Dubai’s start-up ecosystem and help enterprises grow into commercially viable ventures, in5’s three specialised centres for innovators in the tech, media and design industries, provide aspiring students, entrepreneurs and start-ups with access to a diverse community of creative minds, facilitating the constant exchange of knowledge and passionate debate conducive to ideation.

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