World’s largest fusion dance of women doctors breaks records at Global Village

World’s largest fusion dance of women doctors breaks records at Global Village

Dubai, UAE, March 15, 2022: A troupe of women doctors did something out of the ordinary this weekend by twirling and swaying their way to a new world record at Global Village, the UAE and the wider region’s leading multicultural destination for culture, shopping, and entertainment.

‘Naseej – A Cultural Tapestry’, the world’s largest fusion dance by doctors to pay tribute to the UAE for being a home away from home for Indian expats, was organised by MeDeCon International and recognised by the World Book of Records, London and Arabian World Records.

Fifty women doctors of Indian origin featured traditional and modern dances from Gulf countries including the Khaleeji dance. They incorporated distinctive footwork, shimmies, head slides, finger snapping and hair flips in their dance moves that earned them the world record. The dancers also performed the Ghoomar folk dance of Rajasthan in India with groups moving in a circular fashion in colourful swirling robes, creating a visual spectacle.

The world record attempt kicked off at Global Village’s Main Stage at 7pm on March 13 to a full house. Access to Main Stage shows and concerts is free for all those who purchase Global Village entry tickets for AED 15 online or via the app or AED 20 at the gate. 

For information on upcoming shows and events, please visit: or download the Global Village App.

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About Global Village

Global Village is the first family destination for multicultural entertainment, dining, shopping and attractions in the region and amongst the most visited worldwide. Since its inception, it has embodied different aspects of the world and created a smile on the faces of millions of guests every season. This unique and integrated open-air destination offers guests the largest and most varied range of events, shows and activities in the region. Global Village takes guests on a journey rich in culture, cuisine and awe-inspiring entertainment.

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