HONOR X8 Smashes Competition with Revolutionary Features and Outstanding Performance

HONOR X8 Smashes Competition with Revolutionary Features and Outstanding Performance

DUBAI, 15 MARCH – As a leading technology brand, HONOR continuously strives to create and deliver the most cutting-edge technology. From its iconic design to its superior performance and smooth and seamless user experience, HONOR has refreshed its X Series with a brand-new device “HONOR X8” that combines premium innovations and sleek design.

With the aim to change the market forever, the HONOR X8 comes with a host of exceptional capabilities, exquisite design, stunning display, outstanding photography and videography features and powerful performance that surpass its rivals and set it apart from all other smartphones in the market. In addition to this it also comes with Google Mobile Services so users will not miss out on the latest and most popular apps.

The Smart Memory Expansion Technology: HONOR RAM Turbo

HONOR has been all about technological innovations, which is visible in every smartphone launch. Year after year, the company’s R&D efforts have brought consumers the best of the tech world, and one of those is HONOR RAM Turbo technology. A feature reserved for flagship smartphones, the brand-new HONOR X8 features HONOR’s RAM Turbo flagship advanced memory solution, boosting efficiency and ensuring smooth switching between apps that users most commonly use.

It expands RAM storage by compressing background apps, enabling the HONOR X8 to simultaneously open more applications without compromising on efficiency. Offering a more seamless user experience and enabling users to carry on with their tasks with ease, the technology stops background processes from getting killed when users switch apps, ensuring users can take a call or write a message when they are gaming or watching a movie. Apps will still be running in the background and waiting for users to pick up exactly where they left off.

Furthermore, HONOR RAM Turbo technology increases productivity, efficiency and experience for the user and allows them to simultaneously use, launch and switch apps smoothly especially while using social media, ecommerce and gaming apps. This technology in HONOR X8 allows the user to work simultaneously around 20 apps[1]compared to competition which is just 12 apps[2] at a given point of time. This technology also extends the life span of the device, making the HONOR X8 smooth as always even after 36 Months.

[1] Depending on the nature of the apps

[2] Depending on the nature of the apps

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