Charting Pinnacles of Luxury: Italian Watch Brand Kechiq’s First Concept Boutique is Now Open

Charting Pinnacles of Luxury: Italian Watch Brand Kechiq’s First Concept Boutique is Now Open
The Italian e-commerce platform Kechiq’s first-ever concept boutique housing the finest collection of watches and art pieces from globally renowned artists is now open in Dubai Mall


Dubai, UAE (March 2022): Step into the world of fine Italian luxury with leading e-commerce platform Kechiq’s first-ever boutique located in Dubai Mall, next to Gallery Lafayette. Artfully blending cutting-edge technology and innovation, the Italian brand Kechiq is bringing its unique offering of medium-high-end watches along with sculptures and art pieces from globally acclaimed Italian maestros Francesco Volpato and Gianfranco Meggiato.

The Italy-inspired store is designed to offer its patrons an impeccable visual treat balancing innovation and contemporary interiors. The iconic boutique offers fine Italian craftsmanship on display including watches from renowned brands – Gagà Milano, Venezianico,Mazzuccato, Maserati, Trussardi, Lamborghini, Ciga Design and more. 

In addition, the futuristic store has bagged the exclusiverights to sell some of the masterpieces from globally renowned Italian artists. Some of the sculptures on display include – 


Arabian Woman represents the beauty and charm of the Arab women wrapped in elegance and luxury.

Material: Murano glass and murrine 

Fulmini Infuocati is the representation of the wrath of the heavens, lightning making a hole in the wood, power, and energy.

Material: Murano glass, murrine, and gold leaf


Sfera Cuore is a sculpture inspired by the biomorphic fabric and the labyrinth that symbolizes the tortuous and tormented path of men aimed at finding the most precious part of himself, his own heart, feelings, and humanity.

Material: Lost wax bronze casting, glossy transparent oven varnished

Lama Di Sheran is inspired by Sheran’s blade representing a turning point, a cut with the past for a new beginning. Symbolically this work is intended as a stimulus to have the courage to break a situation that does not work to regain energy, to start a new life.

Material: Lost wax bronze casting, glossy transparent oven varnished

Kechiq was born in Venice back in 2015 and started from being a simple application with 3 “buttons” and then became in a few years a compelling technological platform, refined, tailored to the needs of users, and with a vast product offer. Today, the innovative brand expands to 12 countries worldwide, enabling fast and efficient shipments with the vision to expand online to 20countries by the end of 2022. Kechiq offers its customers medium-high-end watches, high fashion brands, and limited-edition pieces.  

Underlining the brand’s core values of providing efficiency, safety, and reliability, to its customers, Kechiq Concept Boutique only offers watches from authorized and certified watch dealers. The brand is also certified by the German Quality Institute ITQF and has been awarded excellence of e-commerce in the jewellery and watches sector.

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