Glinks International’s Students received scholarships from Huron University, Canada

Glinks International’s Students received scholarships from Huron University, Canada

Scholarship worth around $404,000 CAD was awarded to students

Dubai, March 10th, 2021: Glinks International, a premium service provider of international education services to students in the Middle East and India facilitated the students receiving the scholarships from Huron University in Canada for higher studies.

Celebrating the students’ academic excellence and exceptional capabilities, Glinks International along with Huron University came together to celebrate the success of students receiving scholarships worth around 404,000 CAD. Students from Glinks International have received the prestigious scholarship awarded by Huron University with Mr. Moustafa Ezz, Huron’s Director of International Recruitment, traveling from Canada to Dubai to personally award the scholarships to the successful students. The parents of current Huron students also attended the special reception to celebrate the students’ achievements. 

Experts from Glinks International and Huron University also interacted with students to guide them about the higher study prospects. Glinks International also organized a separate event for the aspiring students to provide them with the required guidance. 

Mr. Prabhjeet Singh, CEO, Glinks International said, “Fulfilling our commitment of providing the ease for shaping up the higher education dreams of students, Glinks International has always focused to create a strong partner network with some of the most reputed universities from across the globe. The recent initiative with Huron University is a key milestone in some of our student’s journeys. The scholarships will not only boost the morale of students and help them focus on studies but also reduce financial strain and enhance their resume.”

Glinks International is a certified study abroad agency working in partnership with Top Ranking Universities. Over the years, Glinks International has built a reputation of credibility and professionalism in the UAE region. Glinks International guides students along with providing placements with trusted academic institutions around the world.

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About Glinks International: Glinks International is a one-stop, 360-degree solution provider for studying and settling abroad. With its inception in 2010, the company has created a niche for itself by pursuing high standards of service, winning trust from both students and global universities.

About Huron University: Huron is completely unique among postsecondary institutions in Canada – providing an academically elite, yet accessible, university experience that prioritizes ethical leadership and community engagement as much as the pursuit of academic achievement. Huron is home to some of Canada’s most prestigious undergraduate programs in Business Management, Economics, Psychology, Global Studies and other Social Sciences. The majority of Huron graduates reach senior-level leadership roles in business, government, law, psychology, technology careers and Canada’s three largest companies have been led by Huron graduates. 

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