Blending a bakery, teahouse and boutique served fresh from an on-site central kitchen, Levels Tea combines three concepts in one unique dining and specialist tea drinking destination

Imagine a selection of rare and house-blended organic teas not found anywhere else in the city. Think an eclectic mix of antique and contemporary tea sets sourced by an owner who loves to travel. Picture a modern teahouse in Al Safa Park Complex complete with a bakery bursting with oven-burnished rounds of bread and an incorporated showroom style boutique supplying beautiful boxes of tea and organic ingredients from around the globe.

Referred to the Al Safa locals as simply “Levels”, Dubai’s newest teahouse is a true enthusiast in one thing. Boasting a bewitching assortment of 59 tea varieties including the hard-to-find and truly exotic, guests can choose their favourite blend one cup at a time.

Caffeine-free bespoke house blends are selected for maximum refreshment like the ‘As Light as the Wind’ with peppermint, rose and lime and ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ with strawberry and mango. A range of black and green premium teas include the lightly scented ‘Lady Violet’ and the enlivening South Korean Green OP made from hand rolled leaves. The ‘China White Monkey’ is made from young, rare leaves much coveted by tea collectors, while the team have curated a selection of fine Darjeeling from India for the classical tea lovers.

Adding to the age-old drama of a traditional tea ceremony, the pouring of the China Premium Chun Mee is served in an authentic Chinese tea set hoping to give its guests a truly unique experience.

Alongside all the delights of a modern teahouse experience, Levels Tea guests are sure to be tempted by the aromas coming from the kitchen and bakery. Expect an array of exciting egg dishes ideal for slow and easy breakfasts and freshly made salads and sandwiches for a catch-up lunch with friends or family.

From the best bagels in the city to sourdough, brioche or thyme and olive oil focaccia stuffed with tasty fillings, bread is taken very seriously and offers the ultimate in doughy deliciousness. Must tries include the Pattie Melt – wagyu beef patty, caramelised onion, served with aged cheddar and mustard mayonnaise, as well as the Levels’ house-cured pastrami left for 15-hours for maximum flavour and served with sauerkraut, honey mustard, Russian dressing, Emmental cheese, rye bread and pickle. Expect the freshest ingredients in town as well as scones & cakes fluffy enough to float on. 

Alongside almost sixty blends and brews, Levels Tea offers a range of iced teas in every fruity and herby flavour you can think of; plus iced coffee concoctions from teeth jangling salted caramel to single origin cold brew. Hot drink fans will also find plenty of coffee blends to get excited about and hot chocolates for a warming sugar hit.

For more information on Levels Tea Call 055 510 0454 or visit

Now available to order via Deliveroo

 Follow us on Instagram at: @Levelstea

Address: Shop 1, Building 1, Al Safa Park Complex – Al Safa 1 – Dubai

Working Hours:

Sunday- Thursday: 10AM to 9:00PM

Friday-Saturday: 10AM to 10:00PM

About Levels Tea Levels Tea is a lunch & tearoom with specialty afternoon tea. With an assortment of more than 59 different teas, Levels can be seen as a true specialist. The idea behind the brand arose spontaneously. When the perfect location presented itself, the business plan naturally unfolded from there. The space was big enough to house a central kitchen, restaurant, and store. And this is how Levels Tea was born. The different concepts are interlinked. The bakery inside the central kitchen forms a supplier to the restaurant and store. The items sold in the store are also used as ingredients for the restaurant. This way, optimum use of the resources is guaranteed. The combination of three concepts into one location is unique and a first of its kind in Dubai

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