Epson publishes its 2021 ‘Green Choice’ European sustainability report

Epson publishes its 2021 ‘Green Choice’ European sustainability report

  • Report evidences Epson’s actions and progress towards sustainable transformation through technology innovation
  • “Above all else, our chief aim is to deliver the very best in sustainable technologies for our customers.” Yoshiro Nagafusa — President and CEO, Epson EMEAR

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – 16 February 2022 – Epson showcases significant progress towards to fully sustainable operations today, with the publication of its 2021 European Sustainability Report, Making the Green Choice. Beyond Epson’s investment in its own transformation, the report details innovations — such as heat-free technologies — that will help every customer achieve a sustainable future.

Sustainability — ambition and investment

Yoshiro Nagafusa, President and CEO, Epson EMEAR, added, “As the world realigns after COP26, Epson continues its ambitious sustainability commitments, investment and objectives. Our lower carbon, less wasteful, heat-free technologies will empower our customers as we all work to deliver on the promise of a sustainable society.”

Epson is targeting ¥100 billion (around €770 million) at its sustainability transformation over the next decade. This will see investment to decarbonise and close resource loops (maximising resource use) internally. Externally, Epson innovation will reduce the environmental impact of customers and develop new products that are inherently sustainable.

Sustainability — commitment

In 2021, Epson has committed to ensure it will, by or before:

  • 2023 — reduce emissions to align with the 1.5 degree warming target
  • 2023 ­— achieve 100% renewable energy use across all Group operations
  • 2025 — target reductions in direct (19%) and indirect (44%) emissions
  • 2030 — meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals — adding goals 1, 2 and 16 to its commitments in 2021, ensuring that all 17 UN SDGs are now in scope
  • 2050 — become carbon negative and underground resource (e.g. oil, metals) free

Sustainability — innovation

Today’s Sustainability Report details Epson’s customer-focused and sustainability-led innovation. The company’s heat free printers, for example, can cut power consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 83%. Europe-wide adoption of these technologies would cut 1 billion kWh of energy use a year and 410,000 tonnes of CO2. Epson’s heat free technologies have inspired a partnership with National Geographic and its work to reverse the thaw of permafrost and an accompanying increase in methane emissions.

Epson’s EcoTank printers similarly bring benefits across the value chain, eliminating the need for ink cartridges. To date, EcoTank printers have removed 1.6 million tonnes of plastic based consumable waste from the environment. Further gains can be seen in Epson’s development of new textile printing technologies, which can slash water use by up to 90% and energy by 30%.

Epson also helps customers to close the resource loop with PaperLab. It isa world first dry fibre process that allows in-office paper recycling — to significantly reduce water consumption and the need for transport to offsite recycling centres.

Sustainability — oversight

Epson’s Sustainability Report also details the company’s commitment to independent, robust and internationally respected oversight.

In 2021 Epson has achieved its second consecutive Platinum Status rating with EcoVadis, one of the world’s most trusted business sustainability rating platforms. Platinum status places Epson in the top 1% of sustainability performers in the computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing industry.

Epson’s platinum rating recognises the company’s global corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. In the four themes EcoVadis assessed, Epson received the highest “Outstanding” rating for the environment, as well as high scores for sustainable procurement, labour and human rights and ethics.

Epson has also been awarded Platinum Status with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) – the world’s largest industry coalition dedicated to corporate social responsibility in global supply chains. Platinum Status is only awarded to those companies that meet the highest standards of Corporate Social Responsibility. Epson has undergone a robust assessment and shown that it is a company dedicated to meaningful sustainability and the wellbeing of its employees.

The past year has also seen Epson:

  • Move into the not for profit, global disclosure CDP platform’s A-List — and selected for the second year running as global supply chain leader.
  • Join the RE100 initiative through its commitment to 100% renewable electricity
  • Operate to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards
  • Included in FTSE4Good Index Series for the 18th consecutive year

Henning Ohlsson, Director Sustainability, Epson Europe, said, “Epson’s Sustainability Report is much more than an overview of this year’s strategy and progress. It is a covenant that further commits our company to its role as an indispensable partner — innovating technologies that are sustainable as they are used in the real world, not simply when we produce them. It is only by looking at the bigger picture and working together — with scientists, partners and customers — that we can all move to a truly sustainable future.”


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