Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Dubai’s first Kakigori café

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Dubai’s first Kakigori café

A gift of loving affirmation is always warm and welcome. And what better gift than the ultimate Valentine’s Day dessert – chocolates! When it comes to your loved ones and showering them with love, it should only be the best. The lovely ‘cute hearts and pink’ look is a favorite on the day of love, so it only makes sense to surprise your significant other with a box of chocolates that’s not only delicious and indulgent, but also handcrafted and artfully designed.

Dessert Café Be.k, the first fine-dining café to introduce Korean desserts to the UAE, are known for delighting customers with their unique and delicious selection of desserts. From the Kakigori which is an ice dessert to hot desserts such as the tall pillowy Shibuya toast, fluffy pancakes and finally decadent, colorful and refreshing drinks – the café has mastered the art of being a dessert lover’s haven.

For Valentine’s Day – Get your hands on the specially designed dessert boxes with scrumptious treats suited for every taste!

  • Valentine’s Box: This is the perfect box of all your ‘love-filled’ treats! This is exclusively made limited-edition chocolate box is made just for this special day of romance. The special collection features one heart shaped fudge brownie, eight pieces of Nutella hazelnut bites, four of the tangiest raspberry macaroons and heavenly salted caramel macaroons.

Priced at AED 149

  • Cake of Love: The delicious melt in your mouth cake will be served along with two beverages of choice to any love birds visiting the cozy café. The heart shaped cake is sure to convey the best of your feelings while being absolutely delectable to your taste buds. Decadent, a rich mousse texture, perfectly sweetened leaving you and a loved one warm and fuzzy. Indulge in this treat for only AED 59.

The boxes can be purchased at any of the four branches of the Café. Or through delivery via Deliveroo, talabat, chatfood and instashop

About Dessert Café Be.k

Dubai’s finest dessert café and the only place to find authentic Kakigori, Cafe Be.k was founded with the aims of bringing the best of Korean desserts to Dubai.

Signature items on the menu include the Kakigori ice dessert, Shibuya toast, pancakes, croffles and an array of iced and hot drinks. Dessert Café Be.k also makes customized packages for all occasions.

Café BE.K  currently has over 4 branches in the UAE, Dubai festival City, Dubai Festival Plaza, Manar mall – Ras Al Khaima & Deerfields Mall Abu-Dhabi 


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