Malabar Gold & Diamonds launches ‘Heart to Heart’ jewellery collection to celebrate the season of love

Malabar Gold & Diamonds launches ‘Heart to Heart’ jewellery collection to celebrate the season of love

Free Branded watch with every ‘Heart to Heart’ Diamond jewellery collection

  • Main attraction – An extensive collection of Diamonds & 18K gold jewellery.
  • Free branded watch with every ‘Heart to Heart’ Diamond jewellery collection.  
  • Available outlets: All Malabar Gold & Diamonds and MGD Lifestyle jewellery outlets in the Middle East, Far East and USA

Malabar Gold & Diamonds, one among the largest jewellery retailers globally with a strong retail network of over 280 outlets spread across 10 countries has launched a special collection of diamond and 18K gold jewellery named ‘Heart to Heart’ to celebrate the season of love. ‘Heart to Heart’ jewellery collection showcases exclusive heart-shaped jewellery that will cater to the increasing demand for such jewellery during this period. With over 100 designs symbolizing love in various ways, this unique jewellery collection serves as a perfect gift to express love to dear ones. With prices starting from just AED 890, there is something to fit everyone’s budget. To make the occasion more special, customers can also avail a branded watch free with this limited-edition diamond jewellery.

Apart from pendants in diamonds and 18k, customers can also choose heart-shaped beautifully crafted bangles, bracelets and rings to gift their loved ones. Additionally, the brand has also launched necklace sets with double-sided pendants and earrings, in addition to rings and pendants that can be opened or closed. Customers can also opt for personalized name rings in 18K, which can be specifically curated for loved ones in their name.  This offer will be available across all outlets of Malabar Gold & Diamonds until 14th February 2022. Customers can also buy this unique collection online through

‘It is the season of love and hence the season of gifting too. Jewellery is the most thoughtful gift that can be given to your loved ones, as the charm of jewellery lasts for a lifetime, with its value appreciating each day. We believe that ‘Heart to Heart’ collection, our exclusive range of jewellery launched specifically for this season will be the perfect gift for your loved ones’, said Mr. Shamlal Ahamed, Managing Director – International Operations, Malabar Gold & Diamonds.

Apart from these, Malabar Gold & Diamonds also showcases an incredible collection of unique designs in gold and diamond jewellery to suit the tastes and budget of its different customers.

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