Fourth Axis high-impact technology conference at Expo 2020 demonstrates the power of partnerships

Fourth Axis high-impact technology conference at Expo 2020 demonstrates the power of partnerships

On 10 January 2022, Axis Communications successfully concluded its fourth conference at Expo 2020 in Dubai. At the event, the global security and surveillance innovator shared insights on what strategic partnerships can mean for business innovation, growth, and opportunity in today’s evolving business environment. Taking place at the expo’s Sweden Pavilion, Axis provided a welcoming space for participants as the company’s experts and other industry authorities led conversations and presentations that explored the benefits of successful business partnerships.

“Partnerships are defined by relationships, by people, and by a shared drive to maximise potential. We wanted to showcase what Axis has accomplished through collaboration and how other businesses across sectors can emulate that success. By working together, we can build alliances that positively contribute to the security and surveillance sector while also setting the stage for a smarter, more sustainable future,” explained Ettiene van der Watt, Regional Director – Middle East and Africa at Axis

Partnerships sit at the core of Axis. Driven by strong values in ethics and corporate citizenship, the company’s dedicated partner network offers a robust ecosystem of individuals and entities that collaborate to produce roundhouse security solutions. For Axis partners, this means a supportive network that nurtures ideas, offers high-quality sales support and harnesses new technologies.

Following the welcome and introductory remarks from Ettiene van der Watt and Dmitry Streltsov, Axis Technology Integration Partner Program Manager, Axis outlined its commitment to its partnerships with a word from its co-founder, Martin Gren,and Program Director of Technology Partners, Jamie Donald.

During the conference, Tertius Wolfaardt, Axis Architecture and Engineering Manager – Middle East and Africa, explored the new Axis Technology Integration Program, showcasing elements of the program alongside insightful interviews with its developer community and other stakeholders. Jamie Donald and Haider Muhammed, Community Manager for Milestone Systems MEA & Turkey,explored the partnership between the two companies and their joint impact on offering quality video management services.

Diving further into the essential business elements, Dmitry Streltsov explored the total cost of ownership (TOC) and how maximising the value of a company’s IP security systems can improve business operations and sustainability. This was followed by Amine Sadi, Regional Sales Manager at Milestone Systems MEA & Turkey, sharing his view on the power of video. The conference concluded with customer stories illustrating how Axis solutions offer real-world benefits and improve surveillance operations for any application.

“We are proud to host conversations of the highest calibre while also contributing to the greater discussions at Expo 2020. We look forward to forging new pathways and meeting new partners as we strive for a safer and more sustainable world,” added van der Watt.

With two remaining conferences scheduled at the expo, ‘Share in the discovery of 5G’on 22 February 2022 and ‘Share in the discovery of cybersecurity as a cornerstone of trust’on 24 March, Axis continues to lead the conversation on the trends and technologies shaping the future.

Find out more about Axis’s participation in Expo 2020 here.

About Axis Communications 

Axis enables a smarter and safer world by creating network solutions that provide insights for improving security and new ways of doing business. As the industry leader in network video, Axis offers products and services for video surveillance and analytics, access control, intercom and audio systems. Axis has more than 38 00 dedicated employees in over 50 countries and collaborates with partners worldwide to deliver customer solutions. Axis was founded in 1984 and has its headquarters in Lund, Sweden. For more information about Axis, please visit our website:

Join Axis Communications at the World Expo 2020  

As the industry leader in network solutions that enable a smarter and safer world, Axis is proud to be part of the World Expo 2020 in Dubai from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. To honour its Swedish heritage and ongoing commitment to sustainability, Axis will be representing Sweden as an official partner of the Sweden Pavilion at the World Expo’s Sustainability District. As governments and citizens across the world shift their focus to sustainability and safety, Axis will be showcasing its intelligent security solutions for smart cities.  

By merging technology and data, Axis’s solutions for the future empower city authorities to better understand and manage key areas of urban life, including the environment, mobility, and public safety, ultimately creating better cities to live in. Axis will also be hosting high-impact events during the expo, touching on topics such as dependable technology for a changing world and the power of partnership. Interact with the Axis team, explore innovation, and create opportunities at the World Expo 2020:   

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