vivo X70 series: Professional Photography Packed in Elegance

vivo X70 series: Professional Photography Packed in Elegance

12 January 2022 – In today’s always on lifestyle, it’s difficult for one to carry professional photography equipment everywhere they go. vivo’s brand new X70 series of professional photography flagship smartphones is here to put those worries to rest with the ultimate mobile photography experience. The X70 series – consisting of the X70 and X70 Pro – marks the next chapter in vivo’s global imaging partnership with ZEISS and their joint pursuit of creating the ultimate mobile photography experience.

The vivo X70 series incorporates top-notch computational imaging features inside and out, resulting in an intuitive photography experience that enables users to capture or record remarkably natural-looking photographs or videos. On the camera specs front, the entire X70 lineup has 32MP front cameras, while rear quad-camera arrays have been installed on the X70 Pro (50MP + 12MP+ 12MP + 8MP), and the X70 uses a tri-camera system (40MP + 12MP + 12MP).

Here are six reasons why the X70 series is the ultimate photography partner:

  1. ZEISS T* Coating: this technology enhances the transmission rate of visible light, improves image quality, and produces true color. The technology effectively reduces reflectivity and unwanted effects, such as ghosting and stray light, to significantly improve the image quality in scenes with complex lighting. The difference is particularly obvious when shooting at night and in backlit settings.
  2. ZEISS Style Portrait: vivo and ZEISS have worked together to simulate and replicate more classic ZEISS lens styles in the X70 series. Four ZEISS Style Portrait lens effects are included in the X70 series, Biotar, Distagon, Planar, and Sonnar. These four distinctive styles bring richer shooting experiences and portrait mode options.
  3. Real-Time Extreme Night Vision: The feature supports manually adjusting exposure intensity and photo brightness during the preview in the Night Mode and displays the time required for shooting. Thus, users can enjoy greater freedom in night shooting.
  4. Pure Night View: As ZEISS T* Coating and software algorithms come together to work, stable ghosting and glare prevention can be provided by X70 Pro. In multi-light source night scenarios, stray lights and glares can be reduced to give you the perfect picture.
  5. Ultra-Sensing Gimbal Main Camera: This sensor uses exclusive and customized CFA2+α (Color Filter Array) techniques, so it is thinner and more transparent – resulting in better performance in light sensing while enhancing shooting quality in low-light environments with faster and more accurate focus.
  6. Gimbal Stabilization 3.0: The new and upgraded Gimbal Camera supports video stabilization with 5 axes, including X/Y axis rotation, X/Y axis translation and Z axis rotation, allowing for steady pictures in large angle shake scenarios such as outdoor travel or extreme sports.


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