Frédéric Chopin: Life and Music of the Piano Legend

Frédéric Chopin: Life and Music of the Piano Legend

A night of inspiring music

World-famous polish pianist and widely acclaimed musician, Andrzej Wierciński will deliver a night of inspiring music at the Theatre of Digital Art (ToDA), Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

For the first time in Dubai, in partnership with Steinway & Sons and HOUSE OF PIANOS – UAE, visitors will be able to experience the melodious and immersive solo concert of Andrzej Wierciński who will perform musical pieces from the oeuvre of the legendary composer – Chopin’s famous works.

From beautifully introspective and tranquil tracks, the concert will provide insight into Chopin’s life and passion for music and will deliver an evening of entertainment suitable for all ages, including enthusiast children, who can learn more about the artist’s life and spark their interest in the world of music. This limited-edition show will be a comprehensive musical experience in the digital theatre.

As an acclaimed international artist, Andrzej Wierciński has performed at several renowned events and venues, including Fryderyk Chopin birthplace – the Chopin Museum in Warsaw. He has also performed internationally in most European countries, as well as in Canada, Japan, Indonesia, and Hong Kong and has won 16 impressive awards at international piano competitions.

Witness a night of serenity with Andrzej Wierciński’s renditions of Chopin’s classic melodies in original format and get acquainted with music history itself.

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