Veganuary at Dhaba Lane

Veganuary at Dhaba Lane

Dhaba Lane, known for serving authentic Dhaba (roadside shacks on Indian Highways) delicacies in an urban setting in Dubai is celebrating the spirit of veganuary with the launch of a vegan version of a popular Indian dessert, Malai Kulfi.  Priced at AED 30, the vegan malai kulfi is made up of avocado, pistachio and plant based mylk, and is available at Dhaba Lane Karama and Al Garhoud. 

Here’s the recipe by Jitender Negi, Executive Chef at Dhaba Lane

  • Recipe for 3 portions
  • Coconut milk:  1 ltr
  • Fresh Avocado Purée:  200gm
  • Vanilla essence:  5 Drops
  • Raw Sugar: 150gm
  • Fresh strawberry: 2
  • Blue current: 2
  • Cardamom Powder: 1 pinch
  • Fresh chopped Almonds: 5
  • Raisins chopped:  5

Step 1:-Cut the pre-cooked avocados and transfer to the blender
Step 2:-Add raw sugar, vanilla essence ,coconut milk, and cardamom  powder
Step 3:- Blend until the mixture has a thick custard like consistency 
Step 4:-Transfer the mixture into a mould and freeze it  for a minimum of 6 hours.
Step 5:- serve with fresh fruit ( strawberry, blue current etc)

Dhaba Lane KaramaAddress: Opposite Spinney’s. Behind Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel, Al Karama, Dubai Instagram: @Dhabalane.dxbContact Details: 043583554
Dhaba Lane Garhoud Address: Ground Floor, Al Garhoud Views Building, Al Garhoud. Instagram: @dhabalane.algarhoudContact Details: 042237233

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