SGG’s December activities included mentoring workshops, winter camps and competitions

SGG’s December activities included mentoring workshops, winter camps and competitions

Sharjah Girl Guides curated a wide variety of events that nurtured the creative capabilities as well as skillsets of Brownies, Guides and Senior Guides

Sharjah, December 30, 2021

In line with its strategy of educating and upskilling its members, the Sharjah Girl Guides (SGG) curated a series of activities that comprised workshops, camps and competitions for Brownies, Guides and Senior Guides in December 2021, to nurture the creative talents, capabilities and skillsets of members of all age groups.

December’s activities included the ‘UAE through Your Eyes’ competition, ‘Guide to Guiding’ and ‘Guides’ Gathering’ workshops for Guides and Senior Guides, ‘Winter Campaign’ for SGG’s Volunteering Club members, ‘Under the Moonlight’ camp in Mleiha, and two ‘I Can’ camps, one for Brownies and the second for Guides and Senior Guides.

Guide to Guiding

The Guide to Guiding workshop aimed to educate new SGG members on the values and principles of the guiding movement. The workshop included educational and guiding activities through which the participants gained insights into the Girl Guides’ original Promise and Law, as well as Knots, how to pitch a tent and other camping activities.

Guides’ Gathering

In the Guides’ Gathering workshop, the participants learned how to arrange and decorate rooms and spaces for celebrating with friends or family. The participants were divided into teams and provided with decoration materials. Each team was tasked with innovatively creating a casual, welcoming setting. The workshop sought to encourage the young girls to use their creative skills, foster recycling practices, and reduce consumption.

‘I Can’ camp

SGG convened Guides and Senior Guides at the 3rd edition of the ‘I Can’ camp held on December 24-25, to enable them to engage in a creative educational experience. The camp nurtured the participants’ social skills, enhanced their communication skills, and boosted their self-confidence and team spirit, as well as taught them the basics of camping.

The ‘I Can Junior’ camp for Brownies was held on December 17- 8, with a series of meaningful activities and challenges that sought to offer the girls an opportunity to develop their skillsets, be independent and discover the world of guiding and scouting through sporting activities and team work, without the help of smart phones and technology.

‘Under the Moonlight’

As part of its winter activities, SGG organised a winter camp themed ‘Under the Moonlight’, at the Mleiha Archaeological Centre, Sharjah, on December 14-15. The participants embarked on an edutainment journey into the desert. They explored the Mleiha region, learning how to use a compass and other survival skills to enable them to face the challenges of the desert.

‘Winter Campaign’

On December 11, SGG launched the ‘Winter Campaign’ at its headquarters for the members of its Volunteering Club. The participants prepared and distributed ‘winter bags’ to labourers and workers to bring some joy into their lives. The campaign aimed to instill the volunteering spirit in the participants and offer them an opportunity to take part in community activities.

‘UAE Through Your Eyes’         

In conjunction with the UAE’s 50th National Day celebrations, the SGG launched the ‘UAE Through Your Eyes’ competition in which Brownies as well as girls of all nationalities across the country were given the opportunity to express their love for the nation through sharing short videos, drawings, photographs or any innovative art work on SGG’s social media accounts.

The SGG ensures that all Covid-19 prevention protocols are followed in all of its activities. The maximum number of participants in all workshops and events has been reduced in line with the government-mandated safety measures that include practicing physical distancing, wearing face masks, using hand sanitizers and undergoing Covid-19 PCR tests.


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