iDiet by Healthbox has Landed in the UAE

iDiet by Healthbox has Landed in the UAE

The transformative lifestyle altering meal plan is now available to order

With healthy food concepts opening all throughout the UAE, residents are struggling with such a variety of choices to find the best meal plan to suit their personal tastes and targets. iDiet by Healthbox, solves this problem by by offering a variety of customized meal plans that suit every need and every lifestyle. Created by dedicated dietitian and nutrition expert Sabine Karam, iDiet combines the convenience of an online app, flexibility of choice, and variety of cuisines with fully customizable plans that are calorie counted, tasty and wholesome.

The Concept

Established in 2010, iDiet’s parent brand Healthbox has consistently grown in Beirut over the last decade with multiple locations across the country and an ever-growing number of loyal customers. The concept’s expansion into the UAE, under the name iDiet aims to bring a more structured solution to the city’s healthy food needs. Created with the key purpose of providing people with convenient, healthy, and delicious meals to enjoy daily, iDiet offers members the ultimate choice of diet plans. 

Meal plans at iDiet can be customized specifically for those looking for weight loss, a lifestyle change or just convenient healthy meals delivered to their door. Available via website and app, iDiet by Healthbox offers residents convenient and tailored meals to keep them fit, and fueled throughout the day. 

The iDiet Experience

iDiet meal plans are created by experienced dietitians, and highly trained professional chefs using nutritious and wholesome produce with no preservatives. With up to 11 meal plan options, iDiet offers a  variety of diets for those looking to commit to new lifestyles. iDiet offers meal plans such as the iVeggie, iVegan, iMom, iFish, iDetox, iFast, iKeto, iDrop, iMaintain, iProtein, and iCleanse. 

Customers can choose from a variety of meal options and can have their meals delivered as regularly as they see fit. From a minimum of a 5 day trial, to 20 days of hand delivered meals, iDiet offers users the freedom to completely customize their experience. The audience will also have the option to choose between Full Board meals that cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, or Half Board meals that exclude one main meal of the day. Customers may also choose their portion sizes, and delivery days, allowing them to have meals provided throughout the entire week, or choose to exclude deliveries on the weekends. 

Why iDiet         

The concept is an innovative lifestyle platform offering menus from a variety of International, Asian, and Oriental cuisines. iDiet is a flexible healthy eating plan that can be customized to the user’s preferences. These diet plans can be customized to assist in weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance. iDiet can be used as a long-term lifestyle plan, a fast weight loss/gain program, a lifestyle transformation tool or simply a practical food choice to fit busy schedules. While most meal plans that currently operate in the UAE club cuisines into individual categories, iDiet’s mix and match of cuisines in a single meal plan is what makes their offering unique and sustainable/suitable. 

All iDiet items are delivered in reusable sustainable packaging at convenient hours before the workday begins. Meals are delivered daily from 2am – 6am, which is perfect for working parents or entrepreneurs that want to organize their meals in advance of their busy day ahead. iDiet currently delivers to ​​Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain.

iDiet Access

With a fully intuitive interface, iDiets website and app are seamlessly easy to navigate. Clients retain complete control over their meal plan management. The interactive app also allows users immediate access to dietitians and health experts for any questions, queries, and advice on their new lifestyle change.

The Founder

Sabine Karam, the Co-founder of iDiet has more than 12 years of experience in nutrition, dietetics, and food service management.

Speaking about the UAE launch, Co-founder and Managing Director Sabine Karam said, “Over the last decade, Healthbox has truly become a household name in Beirut and I am excited to do the same in the whole Middle East Region starting with our UAE expansion. It is definitely competitive but I am confident that our offering has the ability to stand out on all fronts. iDiet is here to become a part of everyone’s daily lives and we hope to evolve further as UAE’s health movement grows over the next few years.”  

About iDiet

iDiet is a lifestyle altering meal plan delivery system created to ease the burden of feeding oneself. Created and founded by owner Sabine Karam, iDiet boasts several meal plan options for those looking to maintain, trim, or gain weight. With the backing of several expert nutritionists, iDiet offers customers meal plan options that cater to those leaning towards veganism, vegetarianism, and even keto diets. iDiet by Healthbox is a lifestyle enhancing delivery system created in Lebanon in 2010. iDiet delivers to ​​Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain.  Phone: +971 600595952 Email:

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