As part of his visits to pavilions of countries participating in Expo 2020 Dubai

As part of his visits to pavilions of countries participating in Expo 2020 Dubai

Minister of Health and Prevention reviews sustainability and biodiversity plans at the Brazilian Pavilion

His Excellency Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention, visited the Brazilian Pavilion to have a closer look at the biodiversity in Brazil, its rivers, and mangroves, as well as national programs launched to preserve the environment and address climate change.

Located at the Sustainability District, the Brazilian Pavilion raises the slogan “Together for sustainable development”.

During his visit, the minister reviewed the sustainable development plans developed by the Brazilian government for the Amazon region, in cooperation with the private sector and stakeholders, to promote development and upgrade the national economy.

Al Owais expressed his admiration for well-organization of the pavilion, which reflects the culture and environment in Brazil, adding that Expo 2020 Dubai represents a global platform that provides an ideal opportunity to learn about the civilizations, experiences and expertise of various countries, improve communication among peoples of the world and strengthen relations and ties in all fields and sectors.

“Expo 2020 Dubai mirrors the civilized and humanitarian role that the UAE and its wise leadership are committed to, with the aim of making an effective and influential contribution towards building a brighter future in which countries and peoples will enjoy greater prosperity, development and welfare,” Al Owais said.

The Brazilian pavilion focuses on the concept of sustainability through its design and the recyclable materials it uses, simulating the design of the Amazon basin, which is the largest river in the world, using audio-visual effects and a distinctive engineering design.

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