Ajman launches a series of winter activities and promotions during the “World’s Coolest Winter”

Ajman launches a series of winter activities and promotions during the “World’s Coolest Winter”

Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry: The tourism events attract local and international tourists

Ajman, 27 December 2021

The Ajman Department of Tourism Development is launching its winter activities in conjunction with the launch of the “World’s Coolest Winter” campaign which comes as part of its participation in this unified national promotional campaign aiming to promote domestic tourism within the UAE during winter season. It is a chance to introduce the natural and cultural features of each region and highlight the distinctive landmarks of each emirate.

Ajman Tourism seeks to attract more domestic tourists which is considered an important market for Ajman. The aim is to get all visitors to enjoy an exciting touristic experience during winter, where various attractions and offers are suitable for both families and individuals, ranging from touristic activities and entertainments, to the developed infrastructure which has set Ajman as a favorable touristic destination for everyone.

The emirate of Ajman has a lot to offer to its visitors such as historical and cultural sites, pristine beaches, touristic and entertainment destinations, mangrove forests in Al Zorah natural reserve, in addition to world-class hotels and the diverse performances, events, and activities it offers during this period which comes in conjunction with the UAE’s “World’s Coolest Winter” unified promotional campaign where all tourism departments across the country are participating in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy.

Among the events and activities aimed for the public is the “Outdoors Festival” which is organized for the first time by City Centre Ajman during this season.

The Outdoors Festival offers various activities and entertainments suitable for all ages, mainly families and children, in addition to a wide variety of foods from local and international cuisines that satisfy all taste buds. A wide space is allocated to hold food trucks and kiosks, and the organizers are keen to offer the visitors a unique culinary experience, in addition to entertainment areas which include a fun zone for kids that offers them plenty of activities, shows, and musical performances including outdoor cinema.

As part of this campaign, the hotels in Ajman are offering exclusive deals on accommodations, food, sports and wellness facilities during winter and New Year celebrations. Among the participating hotels is the Ajman Hotel which is offering 20% discount on reservations, free breakfast, and free swimming pool entrance; and the Radisson Blue Hotel Ajman which is offering discounts on food and special events on New Year’s Eve, and exclusive promotions on beverages during the whole week.

In addition, the Masfout Municipality Department and the Al Manama Municipality Department, under the umbrella of the Ajman Municipality & Planning Department, launched the fourth edition of Masfout and Al Manama Spring Festivals, and aim to shed light on the authentic traditions and heritage of Ajman, and support sports talents during this season which is convenient for organizing outdoor activities in the open spaces and with the moderate weather.

On New Year’s Eve, the sky of Ajman will shine brightly with a huge set of fireworks that will launch from Ajman Corniche and Al Zorah areas, and in conjunction with their launch across all the seven emirates as part of the unified Emirati touristic identity.

Regarding the winter promotional campaign, His Excellency Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry, Director General of the Ajman Department of Tourism Development, stated that the department is employing all its efforts to support the tourism sector in all its aspects which is considered the emirate’s main catalyst, while stressing that the “World’s Coolest Winter” campaign has a significant impact on stimulating the country’s domestic tourism, and boosts tourism towards new levels with all the developments every emirate is offering for this sector.

His Excellency explained that the tourism movement is witnessing an activity boost as residents and international tourists are pursuing all cultural and entertainment attractions in the emirate, and this is considered as an indication of Ajman Tourism’s success of its promotional campaigns, as it continues its efforts to highlight the outstanding touristic assets provided by Ajman.

His Excellency also ensured that the emirate of Ajman is looking forward to welcome more visitors from inside and outside the country to enjoy winter season, visit its prominent landmarks, and benefit from the exclusive offers during this season which is witnessing a magnitude of sports, entertainment, and cultural events and activities that contribute in promoting Ajman as a leading local and global touristic destination all year long.

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About Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD)

The Ajman Department of Tourism Development aims to promote the touristic attractions across the emirate, and shedding light on the unique elements that Ajman has to offer as one of the leading travel destinations in the UAE.

The department works on developing strategies to improve local, regional, and international tourism in the emirate through planning and implementing global campaigns for tourism promotion, organizing and participating in conferences and exhibitions, regulating and developing the tourism industry, and improving the capacities and services of the tourism facilities and businesses operating in the emirate.

The Ajman Department of Tourism Development is responsible for setting regulations and legislations required to organize the tourism sector in the emirate, finding the appropriate tourism standards and services provided to tourists, and issuing licenses for travel and tourism agencies and administering their efficiency.

For more information, please visit https://ajman.travel/ar-ajmantourism/

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