Himchan Center-UHS introduces spine endoscopic surgery

Himchan Center-UHS introduces spine endoscopic surgery

Specialized hospital to shed light on spinal surgeries to reduce patients’ reluctance

December 27, 2021

As part of its efforts to further enhance its top-notch healthcare facilities and offerings and the world-class expertise of its orthopedic team, the University Hospital Sharjah (UHS), through its Himchan Joint and Spine Center, has announced that it is adding endoscopic surgery to its advanced medical offerings. Endoscopic surgery, the most preferred type of minimally invasive spine surgery, uses small incisions to reduce the risks of damaging other muscles and tissues.  

The specialized hospital also aims to increase patients’ knowledge and confidence on spine surgeries and address the public’s notable reluctance in this medical procedure. Due to the surgery’s delicate nature, some patients are hesitant to undergo spinal surgeries even if needed. Factors such as unproven rumors and misconceptions result in people missing the ideal timing for the surgery, which could lead to irreversible spinal conditions.

To reduce the reluctance of patients, Himchan-UHS Joint and Spine Center raises awareness about the benefits of endoscopic surgery, which has been proven effective in other countries such as South Korea. Further, the service addresses the UAE’s need for this type of surgery, which is rarely performed due to the lack of skilled and experienced surgeons in this field.

Leveraging its highly skilled and professional orthopedic team, Himchan-UHS Joint and Spine Center has gained high satisfaction rating and trust from international and local patients. The introduction of endoscopic surgery is in line with the hospital’s commitment to offering specialized expertise and services that are not commonly found in the region and strengthening Sharjah’s position as a leading healthcare provider in the country and the Gulf.

Dr. Seungkook Kim, Consultant Spine Surgeon, Himchan-UHS Joint and Spine Center, said: “The advancement of technology has paved the way for innovations in the healthcare sector such as endoscopic surgery. Back in the day, the procedure entails an arduous, painful process for the patients, sometimes causing some back muscle weakening. With the emergence of advanced surgical methods and instruments, we now have minimally invasive procedures like endoscopic surgery. “

Dr. Ali Obaid Al Ali, UHS Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Trustees, said: We are proud to offer this advanced medical service in the country to reduce the need for patients to travel abroad. It is time for people to view spinal health as very important and seek medical consultations when they have symptoms. We encourage citizens and expats to take advantage of innovative medical treatments and procedures to prevent serious medical conditions in the future,”.  

Himchan-UHS Joint and Spine Center is committed to maintaining its 0 per cent post-operational complication and surgery failure rate through its surgeons who are trained in specialized areas and boast of years of expertise.


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