Conares announces Sunday weekend for its 800 employees

Conares announces Sunday weekend for its 800 employees

DUBAI – December 22, 2021: Conares, the second-largest steel manufacturer in the UAE, has announced Sunday holiday for its nearly 800 plus employees across its four manufacturing plants in Dubai.

This is in line with the UAE Government’s new initiative to change its workweek starting on Monday and make Sunday holiday as per international practice.

The company will give a special prayer break for believers in the workforce on Fridays. The shift in the workweek starts from January 01, 2022.

Commenting on this, Jyoti Bhatia, Director of HR at Conares, said, “We are happy to announce Sunday, instead of Friday, as weekend for our employees. This is to keep up with the new weekend shift announced by the UAE government. The new move will help the company expand their reach further and align with global market movements, helping them reach new industry milestones.”

“Our new workweek ensures we are keeping up with global timelines. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the UAE, it gives us immense pride to be a major industry player contributing the economy of this nation,” she added. 

Mr. Vivek Bhatia, Director at Conares, said, “Our tremendous growth over the past decade is possible due to the hard work and commitment of all our employees. It is through their effort that Conares is now one of the top steel manufacturers in the UAE.”

“It is therefore important to us that we show our employees that they are an integral part of this company and necessary to its success. Conares has a workforce of nearly 800 employees and that number is likely to continue to grow in the future as the company adds to its infrastructure,” he added.

Conares has continually been evolving with the growth and requirements of the region and its growth has remained on a positive trajectory for three decades of its operations.


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